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From their first home in Soho in 1965, to the restaurant we know today, PizzaExpress have fused their passion for great food with their love for music and design, to create a warm environment for unforgettable experiences. With over 490 restaurants spanning the UK, and more across the world, you’re never too far away from their delicious pizzas and stylish surroundings.

Our PizzaExpress range has four delicious salad dressings and our very own passata available to purchase in the UK’s major supermarkets, including the four flavours used daily in PizzaExpress restaurants. PizzaExpress’ dressings are the perfect way to add some excitement to all types of salads and to recreate restaurant-style dishes at home. Why not try a pile of fresh, crunchy leaves drizzled with one of our signature House Light Dressings? It’s Britain’s favourite.

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