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Our values and people principles are more than just words to us. Find out how we incorporate these values within our unique business model, and why they form the cornerstone of all that we do.

We turn up for each other every day. We leave the ego at the door, and celebrate the diverse voices and opinions that make up our team.

We have a can do attitude and always aim to be the best we can be. We champion strong appetites for a challenge, and encourage each other to go above and beyond with belief behind all that we do.

We aren’t put off when things are tough and we are adaptable and flexible. 

We respect each other’s opinions and encourage our people to say it like it is. We also trust in each other to fulfil our responsibilities and do the right thing. 

We always want to know more, and always question ‘why’. With everyone on this same wavelength, we’re never short of fresh and forward-thinking ideas.

“We believe in diversity in terms of capabilities, experiences and ideas in pursuit of our stated business goals. All other things that make us different are recognised, respected and where appropriate celebrated, but are not the criteria on how we make people decisions. We believe that we need true diversity to create the best All About Food team and deliver the best sustainable business results. BUT we DON’T want diversity when it comes to our values or persons ability. We want the best people available, with values that 100% match the AAF values.”

“We believe there is a need for both equality and equity. We want to give every person the opportunity to succeed by our standards, and in doing this there will be times where we will need to practice equity. BUT, if this is too often or for too long it shifts from equity to bias, which we believe is wrong. Overall we believe in fairness, which is giving every person the opportunity to succeed by our standards, and the appropriate level of support for the appropriate level of time. If a person cannot meet our standards after the appropriate level of support for the appropriate level of time we will face into that reality whilst always living our values”.

“We believe in being honest, transparent and straight forward with each other to build common understanding and trust. We want to see and respond people and situations as they really are to achieve the best possible outcome for all people and the business.”

“We believe that meritocracy is critical to building the best All About Food team and that we need to assess people multi-dimensionally to achieve true meritocracy. We will do this through Job Descriptions, KPI’s, Big Things, Profiles and Values, and a robust inclusive transparent people management process. All progression, promotion and reward and recognition decisions will be made on merit.”

“We believe that good manners say a lot about a person and how they do their job and therefore about AAF. We also expect people to display common sense in their day-to-day work, as we believe common sense is not about knowledge, experience or intellect , it’s about thought and care. We believe all people regardless of their experience or job level should have these 2 things. We expect all people to treat other members of the AAF team with courtesy and politeness and to demonstrate the correct public behaviours around the office and whenever they are representing the company.”

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