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Read all about it! From where we started, to where we are and all in between. Take the time to check out our timeline.

1999: Oh hello! Nando’s Grocery sprouted its youngest leaves in our very first office in the back bedroom of Phil’s house in Standish. This was the start of a glorious journey.

2000: British consumers got their first taste of our delicious PERi-PERi sauce, and their lives (and palettes) would never be the same again. Sales shoot past £1 million.

2002: We bought Cranks, lovers of wholesome, vegetarian food and started our foray into natural eating. We changed our name to the Grocery Company.

2007: We chose our next brand being Wagamama. Later on in the year, we decided to welcome Pizza Express to the company.

2015: 15 years after the first bottle of PERi-PERi was sold, Nando’s became the no1 chilli sauce in the U.K. We welcome Red’s True Barbecue to the company.

2016: A true taste of Mexican street food is brought to the masses with our Wahaca Meal Kit launch. A co-creation with Tesco, the product won us a converted New Product award.

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