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Read all about it! From where we started, to where we are and all inbetween. Take the time to check out our timeline.


Oh hello! Nando’s Grocery sprouted its youngest leaves in our very first office in the back bedroom of Phil’s house in Standish. This was the start of a glorious journey.


British consumers got their first taste of our delicious PERi-PERi sauce, and their lives (and palettes) would never be the same again. Sales shoot past £1 million.


After success with Nando’s, we decided to grow our own. We bought Cranks, lovers of wholesome, vegetarian food and started our foray into natural eating. Yum yum!


As our company grew, so did we. And that growth meant a change of name. How about the Grocery Company? Yeah! We like that. Another key step in our history. 


‘Kaizen’ is a philosophy that stands for ‘good change’. And that’s the mindset we adopted when we chose our next brand. Enter Wagamama.


Next to join our party was Pizza Express.  We just couldn’t resist teaming up with them to deliver a range of delightful dressings to supermarket shelves.


What’s in a name? It turns out, quite a lot. As we broadened our grocery range, we also changed our name to All About Food. Because we really are all about food! Get it?


This is one of our most important moments. As a team we carve out what our values are and what makes us, us. That is: Pride, Passion, Belief, Family, Integrity.


We branched out further in 2011 with a couple of new brand buddies. We began our brand partnership with Wahaca and GBK. In GBK, we began to burrow into chilled food for the very first time.


We moved into our brand spanking new home, the Tree House. We’re proud as punch of it, and this space allowed us to blossom into something bigger and more exciting.


Sometimes good things must pass. And in 2013 we said farewell to our friends at Wagamama. They made the decision to stick to their routes and concentrate on their wonderful restaurants. They will always be honorary Foodies.


What a journey! 15 years after the first bottle of PERi-PERi was sold, Nando’s became the no1 chilli sauce in the U.K. Tasty stuff!


An unholy alliance is born as we reach out into BBQ with the folks at Red’s True BBQ. Co-created with ASDA, we bring Americana excellence to a British audience.


Pizza Express is no1, no less! After years of hard work, dedication and dressing up salad, Pizza Express House Light becomes number one in the market. What a result, what a year!


A true taste of Mexican street food is brought to the masses with our Wahaca Meal Kit launch. A co-creation with Tesco, the product won us a converted New Product award. What a delicious year.


We hit a new landmark! We now occupy 100,00 different shelf spaces across major multiples.


2018 was the year the U.K’s favourite coffee shop, COSTA, joined our ranks with roast and ground and coffee beans.

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