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Senior Brand Account Manager

All About Nancy

Hey, I’m Nancy and I’m a Senior Brand Account Manager at All About Food. I’m new to the business and joined in September 2018. My biggest passion in life is food, hence why I made it my mission to be surrounded by it every day and now work for such an aptly named company! If I’m not spending my money on eating and drinking, I’m off gallivanting around the world, with a never-ending list of countries I want to explore.


After getting my degree in Management and Marketing from Manchester University, I was lucky enough to get straight into the food industry. I started my career living in Peterborough working for The Silver Spoon Company across a range of home baking brands. After that, I took some time to travel the world before moving to London to ‘live the London life’. While there I worked in food retail for a time, afterward working for Premier Foods on Mr Kipling and Cadbury Cakes, and also worked in the drinks industry on a range of Caribbean products for Grace Foods. After I got London out of my system I secured a job back up north with All About Food!

Believes in:

I believe in people being true to themselves, in being a good person and in doing your best to be as happy as you can possibly be (Cheesy!)


Apart from the obvious (food, food and more food), I love hanging out with my friends, filling my diary with fun activities such as festivals, holidays, dinner parties, visits home, I also love watching films in particular anime (Japanese animation)


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