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Finance Assistant

All About Mateus

Hi, my name is Mateus Filipe and I’m 23 years old.

I have just graduated from the University of Salford after undertaking an Accounting and Finance course. I love learning about finance and the business industry in my spare time I do quite a lot of reading on these subjects. I’m also quite into fitness in my spare time I like to go gym and play football.

My guilty pleasure is watching Netflix and having cheeky Nando’s!


I have quite all-around industry experience for instance:

  1. My first job was as a Waiter for a restaurant called Hungry Horse. This was a great opportunity for me to start my work career at the age of 17. This job gave me the chance to learn how to interact with customers, the ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, and to maintain calm under pressure.
  2. My second job was as a Customer Assistant for River Island. This job allowed me to get a feel for the retail industry, it also gave me the opportunity to further develop my communication, customer interaction and money handling skills.
  3. My third job was as a Customer Assistant for Bookmaker called William Hills. This job was a great chance to improve my customer interaction and money handling skills. It also allowed me to expand my skills by undertaking management roles and performing audits. This gave me the opportunity to boost my confidence in performing management roles.
  4. My fourth job was as Finance Assistant / Sales Ledger Clerk for Ainscough Crane Hire. This job was an amazing opportunity for me to get a feel for the finance industry. It allowed me to put into practice my skills gained from undertaking an accounting finance course, and also further develop my knowledge on finance.
  5. My fifth job was as a Customer Assistant for ASDA. This job has been a great opportunity to improve my communication and adaptation skills.

Believes in:

My personal belief is Christianity, and professional belief is that you can achieve and do anything you put your mind to, the sky is the limit nothing is impossible in this world it only takes hard work, consistency and well power to achieve your goals.


I have a passion for learning and self-improvement, I’m never satisfied at the level I’m at for instance; at University I always aim to try to get a higher grade than I had done previously, in the gym I attempt to lift a higher weight than I did the week/month before, running I aim to beat the time I have done previously.

My passion is to become the best version of myself physically and mentally, and inside and outside work.

My other passion would be playing football, and this has always been a big part of my life.


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