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Finance Business Partner

All About Ian

Hi I am Ian, I will be joining All About Food in September 2021 as a Finance Business Partner. I am really looking forward to joining the team and becoming a Foodie! I love to try new foods, my wife always perfectly predicts what I will choose when we go for a meal as it will always be the most unusual option on the menu. I have 2 young children and I love playing and watching a bit of sport when I get the chance.



Having finished university with an Accounting & Finance degree, I joined Airbus on their Graduate scheme in 2010. This was a great experience to be able to do placements in different teams and in different locations, including some time in the south of France!

After finishing the graduate scheme, I stayed with Airbus for another 4-5 years working as a Finance Business Partner for the manufacturing organization. I have since spent time working for Very Group in retail as a business partner for the marketing team and working for Ansell Lighting in the lighting industry as a commercial finance manager.



I hope people I work with would say I’m a positive member of the team. I try to treat people fairly and help people wherever I can.


Believes in:

I really value working in a positive environment with a good atmosphere. It makes professional challenges so much easier when people can speak honestly with each other but maintain a positive approach and even keep each other smiling, even when there is tough news or there are different opinions.



My wife and I have two young Children, a 4-year-old daughter Nelly and 1-year-old son Arthur. We love our family days out and visiting cousins and grandparents. I love sport and food, so anything that combines the two is a winner! I play a lot less now I have kids but I still go to the match as I am a lifelong season ticket holder for Everton…unfortunately for me.


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