If you’re a regular checker of our blog, you’ll see this isn’t our first update of the last week. After approx. 8 months without updates, we’re approaching 8 updates in as many days! We just had so much to share that we couldn’t help ourselves! Our next update, however, is one of our most exciting yet!

At All About Food, we always like to be bringing new ideas to the table. Our ethos of being delightfully different is important to us, and that includes trying different things within the business. So with that said, it’s our great pleasure to announce that we’re moving into the frozen category with Red’s Almighty sausages and burgers and our new brand Pret A Manger with a new range of frozen croissants.

Firstly, let’s talk about Red’s. We’ve worked with Red’s now for a number of years. Our sauces have excited many-a mouth since we first launched them in supermarkets, and we thought it was time we moved into something new and just as exciting! Enter: sausages and burgers.

Red’s True BBQ restaurants are loved all across the country. We love them, you probably love them, we all love them. It was with this in mind that we wanted to expand our product ranges and move into frozen to deliver more of their excellent meaty tastes to the masses.

The burgers come in three flavours: American Style Classic, Texan Style Smoky Chipotle & Chilli or South Carolina Style Sweet & Tangy Mustard. Don’t they sound extra delicious?

Well then take a look at our sausages! Louisiana Style Garlic, Onion &; Paprika, or Alabama Style Tomato, Garlic & Smoked Salt. Each pack of burgers or sauces are £2.75 and available from Tesco’s frozen section.

Now on to our great products for Pret A Manger!

We adore Pret. Their stores are our favourite places to grab a bite and a coffee. We usually go for a croissant (or 5…) so when this chance to recreate their delicious croissant range for consumers at home, we jumped at the chance.

Over the last year we’ve worked on creating 3 croissant flavours – All Butter, Chocolate and Vegan. Each tasting as wonderful as the last, but all with a different twist from each other. These new products are also available at Tesco and cost £3. Again, just check the frozen section.

These projects have been painstakingly undertaken by both our internal team working with these brands, but also the brands themselves. Red’s and Pret A Manger are great folks and we’re super proud to be starting – or in Red’s case, continuing – our winning formula with them.