Welcome back to the All About Food blog! If you haven’t seen our first update about what we’ve been doing in the last year, then you can check it out here. In this blog we’re going to be talking all about our recent virtual away day that coincided with our end-of-year business review.

While we won’t go into much depth about the content of the review, we wanted to offer up a little summary of what goes on at our away day sessions and how this year’s session was clearly, obviously, a little different…

We had a LOT to get through. Each function gets the chance to sum up their year, both good and bad. This is communicated through the leadership team, who will give the highs and lows from within their team throughout the 2020 business year. This can be successes and career highs, or difficult moments and how they were moved through. But each session is only 5 minutes long per team, so they have to get their words out fast!

The day started off with a bit of breakfast and chat between teams virtually. Breakfast included a little bit of NPD and some delicious Costa Coffee and a great old chinwag. 

For the next few hours the leadership team spent time summing up the business year, what went well and what could be improved. This is a great chance to focus the mind on how the business has performed, explain any difficulties and book and all that with a lot of really positive news!

After lunch – which included Nando’s! – there were more localised sessions about targets and goals and aims for the business and each separate team for the year ahead. These sessions are always quite exciting because they allow us to focus on the successes we can have and how we plan to go about them!

These sessions took a good few hours. There’s a lot to talk about, with each team hosting a break away session to discuss the information that’s been communicated. 

All of that effort is thirsty work. As a delightful surprise, the leaders within the business had a delightful afternoon tea set delivery to each Foodie, followed by a cocktail making kit at the end of the day.

Once the day was over, around 5pm, the final surprise of the day was upon us. It was time to tune in to a professional cocktail maker, who would teach everyone how to make a whole bunch of cocktails. As you can see from the images below, we all had quite the good time!

We try to keep every Foodie as up to date as they need to be during normal times, but especially now more than ever it’s important to stay in tune with each other and the business. Until next time, stay safe and stay happy.