We recently had some two pieces of really nice news that we wanted to share with you. All About Food Ltd have been lucky enough to win a couple of awards that are pretty close to our hearts. We were so proud as punch when we heard about then that we decided we needed to share them with you. So please, lend us your eyes as we talk through the awards we’ve received from a couple of our partners.

Tesco Award for Innovative and Differentiated Branded Partner

To get an award from a partner we work closely with is a real honour. Having worked with Tesco for a number of years on an array of brands and projects, it was really awesome to find out a few months ago that we had received this award, given to us for working creatively and sincerely for the good of others as well as ourselves. 

During the COVID lockdown, as restaurants closed and customers became confined to their own homes, brand partners and retailers were searching for new ways to encourage customers to get creative in their homes. During this challenging time, All About Food was in a unique place to help. 

We have a number of much-loved, high-quality restaurant brands on our roster. While working with them to create incredible products, we also work with retailers to ensure what we produce has a place on their shelves. These two things combined when lockdown resulted in stores being the only place customers can get hold of some of their favourite restaurant-inspired food.

Working with Tesco to offer the first Vegan PERinaise was a particular highlight, while also working on a ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’ activation, helping inspire customers to cook their favourite meals themselves with the help of our awesome products.

These projects, alongside other pieces of work, allowed Tesco to more easily reach customers who were left uninspired by the same old usual food. 

We love to work on these kinds of things because they allow us to reach new customers but also because we can help our brands, retailers and consumers during a difficult and uncertain time. To receive this award is a cherry on the top of an already successful and delightful partnership. Big thanks to the folks at Tesco!

Grocery Aid Silver Award

The folks at Grocery Aid are wonderful people. Their work helps the grocery industry in all different ways, and focuses on offering support to those within the industry that need it most. Their website states they have been ‘providing emotional, practical and financial support for grocery people since 1857’ and they’re doing a bloomin’ great job.

As we are all acutely aware, this past 12 months have been tough for many people. Grocery Aid has helped lighten the load for much of the industry and for that we’re all really grateful. We were so grateful that we wanted to help too.

We have worked with Grocery Aid for a number of years. We’re proud to help them in any way we can, and our financial support each year goes a long way to helping those who need it. 

Our silver supporter award goes to reflect the donation and help we’ve given to Grocery Aid in 2020, and it’s an honour to get the award. Below are some key facts about Grocery Aid from their website:

Grocery colleagues need our emotional, financial and practical help now more than ever. In the last year we have seen a 55% increase in applications for financial support, the value of grants paid is up by 87% and there have been 74% more calls to our Helpline.

I think we can all agree that the work they do is top notch, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with Grocery Aid as we move forward into a brighter future.