Good morning all and a happy > checks calendar < Friday 26th March from all at All About Food. It’s been a little while since we’ve posted on our blog. We’ve been up to our eyeballs in work and life and generally supporting each other. 

The last time we posted was July 2020, which is edging closer to a year ago. And what a crazy year it has been. 

First of all, we hope you’re well and O.K. We hope your family is well and O.K. Everyone has coped with the last year in their own way, and it’s safe to say most people have struggled at one time or another. Hopefully everything is coming to some kind of end over the next few months so that’s one thing to look forward to! 

As we haven’t been on our blog much lately, we wanted to give you a little (or great big) update on what we’ve been doing over the last year. Just because we’ve been quiet doesn’t mean we’ve slacking – there’s so much for us to tell you!

New People, New Roles

During the last year we’ve all worked our socks off. Working from home hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a necessity. Everyone’s done really wonderfully and things have grown for us so much that we’ve taken on some new people

This past year we’ve welcomed 19 new faces to the business. Some of these are permanent, while others have been contractors and may no longer be within the business. But everyone we’ve worked with has settled in nicely and we’re so glad to be working with them!

In other People news, we’ve had some promotions within the business! Jess, Emily, Imogen, Ellie, Joe and Will have all changed roles within their function to reflect the great work and progress over the time they’ve been with the business. This, coupled with Ali joining the business permanently, makes us so happy. Well done guys!


Health and Wellbeing

We’ve been really conscious that the last year has been very tough. And while people haven’t been able to leave the house we’ve wanted to try and bring a small level of social normalness to our work. While seeing people over Teams for meetings is one thing, we’ve tried to ensure people get that chance to wind down.

Firstly, we gave people an hour a day during work to settle, take time and relax a little. Maybe Foodies used this to go for a walk, go for a run or just take time away from their desk. Either way, we wanted them to have the option.

On top of this, we introduced mental health and wellbeing sessions to our weeks. These sessions, conducted by awesome external folks, were to allow people to practice mindfulness in many different ways. From meditation to focus strategies and more. 

Along with these group sessions we hold 1:1 mental health sessions and check on how folks are each month.


Community and Charity Work

We are really proud of our community and charity work, and it is something we thought was important to keep up during the pandemic. There have been a lot of challenges for numerous groups during the last year, and we wanted to try and support in our own way. Here’s a few things that we’ve done within the community and charity arm of our business. 

  • We’ve sent full pallets of our stock to the local Skelmersdale food bank.
  • Our Easter Egg donation amounted to a whopping 373 eggs, directly to Digmoor Centre, Skelmersdale.  
  • We committed to donating £2000 each school holiday this financial year to help free school meals for local children.
  • The Foodie donation of £1313 to Children in Need was matched by All About Food.
  • Foodies donated £1813 to Movember foundation.
  • We split a £1000 donation between Whitechapel in Liverpool and Manchester Change for the Homeless.
  • £70 was given to vulnerable children for toiletries in our local community.


Aaaaand take a deep breath!

That’s a lot of stuff, with a lot more left out because we would be here all day!

We hope you enjoyed our little summary of parts of our year. Check back soon for more updates from the world of All About Food!