Our name is All About Food and boy, are we really all about food. We eat it, cook it, enjoy it, worship it. But so do our brands. They’re obsessed with the stuff. And it’s a good job, too, because that’s how we make a living and make our mark.

Because we know how good our brands are at making excellent food, we like to show it off to everyone viewing our website. If we can inspire you to cook their food or visit their restaurants then we’ll leave this blog as happy folks. So without further delay, here are some impressive bites to recreate our impressive brands.

pERI-pERI Fish Cakes and Yogurt.

Nando’s isn’t exactly a place you would associate with fish. Similarly, Nando’s isn’t exactly a place you would associate with yogurt. But life is full of surprises, so here is a Nando’s special straight off their website. Prep time for this tasty treat is just 5 minutes, and cooking time is just over an hour and you need less than 10 ingredients before you can start impressing your mates, your dates and anyone in between. There’s even a video you can watch whilst you’re doing it. Presto!

Tortilla Soup with Feta and Tortilla Strips

You’d be forgiven for not quite understanding what was going on with this meal, but tortilla soup is a Mexican classic and has been right at home on the Wahaca menu many times before now. Feel free to vary the spice and flavour from mild to sizzling, and give this a go in your own home. Feeding six people and taking less than an hour, you’ll finish this meal feeling a double dose of Mexicana!

Classic Reuban Sandwich

The reuben sandwich is an American classic, which meant it was only so long before our BBQ pals at Red’s got their greasy mitts on a recipe of their own. If you’re a fan of sandwiches, this is the one for you. Stuffed full of our favourite things – rye bread, Swiss cheese, hot sauce, BBQ BEEF (!!) and more, we hedge our bets that your mouth is watering at the thought of this meal. Chocka full of ingredients and taking around an hour to prepare for one person, we’re well aware that this is a purely self-indulgent meal, but we think why the heck not just heat up a pan and take your tastebuds for a spin.