Hey all! How’s it going? Times are crazy and I bet you’re still not used to everything that’s going on, and the massive changes that are happening across the World. It’s so sad to see the distress that COVID is bringing to the world, and it’s not nice to know there’s limited things we can do. Whether we like it or not, we’ve got to try and continue as normal as possible, as safely as possible, and that’s why we want to keep you aware of what’s going on at Team AAF in our quest for normality. So, here goes:

Office Clean to Rule Them All

With COVID engulfing the World, nobody knows when the new normal will happen and what that will look like. At the moment, most people are working from home and that’s been working well! Those who are in the office at the moment – just two of us, Mike and Luke – are attempting a month-long office clean. Lots of junk is being thrown away, and lots of equipment is being repurposed, and lots of sauces are being taken home. In reaction to people moving back to the office in the months ahead, we’re having our office deep cleaned and disinfected so people feel (and are) safer whenever they return. So what does that mean for our two Foodies in the office? Lots of heavy lifting and paper cuts. Go team!

Bring The Restaurant Home

Whilst everyone has been at home (working, playing, exercising, socialising – take your pick), there’s been no chance to eat out. Some restaurants have adapted to offer take away, but for people it’s mostly been what’s on offer at the supermarket. Which, lucky for us, is where we come into our own! A few weeks ago, we joined up with our pals at ASDA to Bring The Restaurant Home, offering our restaurant products which are available at their supermarkets, in an online promotion. The idea was that you don’t need to miss your favourite restaurants because you can cook their fine food at home! For more info, check out the ASDA website!

Will’s Welcome to the Weekend 

If you’re a regular on the blog, then you’ll have already heard about Will H’s Welcome to the Weekend quiz. Usually the quiz is held every Friday at 3pm in the office, with the winner getting a funky little trophy and a weekend full of pride and a huge ego-boost. Well, unfortunately the office is out of bounds right now, but that hasn’t stopped Will from digitally welcoming us to the weekend through the Kahoot app and a very hectic 40-person Microsoft Teams call. It’s safe to say that after that, we’re ready for the weekend (and a stiff drink).

Bye Bye to Naomi

Sometimes people leave businesses. It happens. We miss them terribly, but we know that people sometimes need to move on. For a whole host of reasons. When Naomi decided to leave our awesome Technical team, we were sad but we understood. Unfortunately for us and her this all happened during a pandemic, so it meant we couldn’t get well and truly rotten in celebration of all of the hard work she’s given to the business. Instead, we put the night out on hold, and had a digital send-off after work with a couple of drinks and a raised glass. We’ll miss you Naomi!