Here at All About Food we’re proud of our support for Pride. We know everybody says that, but we really are. Last year we sponsored the Liverpool Pride march, getting behind our local cities unique and growing effort to raise awareness and educate people about LGBTQ+ issues, and celebrating our LGBTQ+ friends across the city and the country. This month, naturally, many of the pride celebrations have been cancelled in cities throughout the land, but we still wanted to show our support by offering you a quick stop for the best places to educate, donate and create in the name of supporting this most wonderful and important of causes. 


The Stonewall group – named after the riots in 1969 – is an organisation that aims to educate and raise awareness of all levels of discrimination with the aim of creating a fair, just society for LGBTQ+ people. ‘Acceptance Without Exception’ is the motto, and that exactly what they strive for for the community. 

One of the greatest ways to change the world is through education, and Stonewall knows how to help there. Their website has oodles of information to look through, as well as support for businesses or employees looking to make their workplace become more inclusive, welcoming and supporting of the community. 

Podcast Series – a Gay and a NonGay

Education and inclusion doesn’t need to always be serious, and always feel pressurised. This podcast, about two unlikely friends – a gay man and a man who isn’t day – who started a podcast to challenge the preconceptions of what it meant to be gay, and what it means to be ‘nongay’. A great place to start to learn more about topics with humour and comedy at the forefront. This podcast can be found whichever platform you get your podcasts from.

LGBT Foundation – Fundraising

The LGBT Foundation is another great foundation that puts education and fundraising at its core. If you’re looking to raise some funds for this brilliant cause, you’d be well stretched to find a better place to pop your coins than with this foundation. Their website provides loads of great resources, and offers some great ways in which you can aid fundraising – such as running, gifting a donation on behalf of a loved one and much, much more. Whilst things are a little uncertain right now, giving money or organising fundraising might not be the easiest way to help, but it’s certainly worth keeping in mind. 

National History Museum – Illegal to be Who You Are Online Exhibition 

Another ace way to learn and educate yourself is through the Smithsonian National History Museum’s exhibition on the Stonewall riots, which you can see here. An interactive and interesting way to delve back into history, this is a great opportunity to visit a museum exhibition without needing to leave your house. Perfect for during the COVID crisis we’re currently in. 

There are thousands of different websites, archives, podcasts, videos and exhibitions just waiting for you to discover. Google is your friend, and so should the LGBTQ+ community. So what are you waiting for? Get cracking!