Lockdown is starting to ease and things are getting – maybe only marginally – easier for some people, we decided that it was still well worth writing a blog on some of the nice things that are still going on in the World. We’ve trawled the pages and pages of news across the internet to find some stories that will cheer anyone up during these unusual moments. If you’ve got a favourite, make sure you let us know. Or better still, take to social media and let other people know – there’s nothing better than helping brighten someone else’s day.


Drones drop books to kids in the US

In a not-total departure from COVID, but still completely positive, a Librarian in Virginia, USA had found a novel way to deliver books to school children in a way that is socially distant, responsible and easy – have books delivered by drone! 

Children at Montgomery County School will be able to continue to read and improve their learning skills by being delivered books via the Wings company who also deliver regular household items to Virginia residents are a profitable service. The children in this school will be able to make one huge claim after all this, as the first children in the world to receive library books via drone!


Black Lives Matter campaign games huge momentum

You don’t need us to inform you of the massive unrest and campaigning that has happened since the death of George Floyd in America. The situation was tragic and never should have happened. 

Whilst that is the case, millions of people around the World have woken up and taken to the streets, social media and more to offer support, help and money to the cause of changing humanity for the better. Whilst there is still a long way to go, we hope people can take comfort in the fact that this might have been the tragic push society needed to move on from the dark ages.


Microhouses are the future of homelessness

Microhouses are probably something you’ve not necessarily heard of, but in Cambridge – the UK’s most financially unequal city – a charity called Jimmy’s Cambridge has begun working on small wooden homes that will be able to house some of the town’s homeless community and make a real, lasting changes to their lives. 

Whether we’ll see this type of thing rolled out across the country may be a step too far, but hopefully similar projects will start popping up across other cities in Britain and we’ll see our homeless population decrease quickly.


Farms of the Future

Our final thing is another big idea point, but the folks across the channel in France are using the rooftops of Paris to start the farming revolution of the future – something the planet and the people should be really excited about. The farm in question – which is the World’s largest urban farm – will soon be able to produce 1000kg of organic produce every day, all from the top of Parisian apartments. We’ve got a feeling our guys on the Project Blue team will love the sound of that!