The world has changed massively over the last few months, and one thing that really has taken a turn – for the better – is the weather. Never have we known in the UK so much sun in one month. No doubt this has made lockdown a little easier to handle, and especially as this week is NATIONAL BBQ WEEK. It’s not like us Brits have any need to be convinced to get outdoors and whack on the BBQ, so we wanted to make sure we give you the best BBQ treats from our brands as you embark on surfing the heat wave at home.

Red’s True BBQ – Corn in the Husk

Corn is a BBQ classic! No BBQ is complete without some corn on the cob, and this easy recipe that mixes spiced flavours with a BBQ smokey flavour is the perfect side to indulge on in the sun. Taking up to an hour to make on the grill, you might want to put these corns on before everything else.

Nando’s – Chicken and Avocado Salad

Every BBQ needs a good salad and there’s none fresher – and easier – than the Nando’s chicken and avocado salad. If the salad in the restaurants is one of your favourites, then you’ll love this. Easily prepped in 10 minutes flat, impress your family (remember, you’re not allowed guests!) with this delicious BBQ accompaniment.

Wahaca – Mexican Summer Slaw

Another typical BBQ staple is a nice homemade coleslaw, and our friends at Wahaca have got you covered. Their Mexican summer slaw mixes lettuce, radish, cabbage, carrot, red onion and lime and their own dressing recipe to bring you the summer taste of Mexico to your kitchen. A side dish you can whip up in 15 minutes, why go shop bought when you can make this yourself?

Red’s True BBQ Ridiculously Juicy Chicken on the Bone

It’s all in the name really, isn’t it? The folks at Red’s True BBQ have brought out their juicy chicken on the bone recipe, and it is a corker. You’ll need a little prep time for this – the chicken takes 4 hours to brine in the fridge – but cooking time is a mere 25 minutes. And believe us, you’ll taste the difference in marination when this chicken comes off the grill.

Wahaca – Frozen Margaritas

No sunny day is complete without something ice cold and tasty, and Wahaca have got your backs once more with this lovely boozy treat. Their Strawberry and Balsamic frozen cocktail is a popular choice, and really easy to make at home. Drink it, and close your eyes, and in the sun you’ll swear you’re on holiday. That’s just an idea though, that’s not what we do…honest.

So there’s a few little BBQ inspirations for the next weeks and months. Most are easy to do, and all of them are tasty. Hit us up with your own ideas, we’re always interested!