This week, rather coincidentally and in a timely manner, is Mental Health Awareness Week. The last few months for most people has been a struggle. We’ve been taken away from the most usual and simple aspects of our lives, and many of us haven’t been able to see friends and family in the same way that we usually would. Even now, as we’re allowed to meet on friend, in the park, from a huge distance, things aren’t remotely normal. And that’s affecting people in all sorts of ways. And that’s OK.

At All About Food, we’ve tried to make sure we’re doing our best for each other. Each person has had access to a number of different forms of media helping support us during the crisis. Video sessions on Wellness and Anxiety were conducted by an external wellness expert, which was really great! It has also been made available so we can view it any time we want.

There’s also a few resources that we think would be helpful for anyone who needs it during these difficult times – thinks that are helpful, things that are fun, things that might take your mind off the current Corona lifestyle. 


Mindfulness on Mental Health Foundation Website

The wonderful folks at the Mental Health foundation have brought together a bunch of visual and audio aids to help awareness of mindfulness, and improve habits when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Especially during tough situations like the one we’re in now. There’s podcasts that help with breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and give information on healthy diets. They’re really interesting and informative and could seriously help if you’re feeling a little blah.

Take a Little Lockdown Read

There’s plenty of stuff to help you take your mind off lockdown, especially if you think you need a little perk up from other folks’ experiences. There’s a few awesome authors that you could check out for a little light reading, such as Aaron Giles awesome book How to Survive the End of the World (When it’s in your Own Head) or excellent writer and all-round good guy Matt Haig’s books, including Reasons to Stay Alive. There’s some really great books to check out and ones that will make you think & make you smile. So try and check them out!

Netflix and Chill Yourself Out

Not only are there great shows on Netflix, but there’s also some great documentaries and one-person-shows on mental health and how the mind works. One half stand-up, half TED Talk style self-assessment show is Neil Brennan – 3 Mics. It’s a great look at life in general, coming from a comic and intellectual mind. The Mind, Explained is also a great look into the science behind what happens in our brains. Do check it out if you’re looking to get a little scientific.