It’s easy to get carried away with the really bad news. There’s enough of it on the TV that it is sometimes hard to avoid. Being vigilant and staying safe is the most important thing, but we’re not used to being so relentlessly bombarded with sad, or desperate news. There’s usually at least something to keep things relatively light-hearted, but rightly the news is focusing on other areas and the more sobering news to do with the Coronavirus. 

But we aren’t the news. And we’re figuring that people want to hear some of the better stuff going on across the world. During a time of crisis, there’s always people doing good and doing their best to help others, and that’s the stuff we’re interested in! So, here’s the first Coronavirus good news round up:


Premier League Footballers Fundraising for NHS

Everybody in society is being asked to make a sacrifice. This is only right. But during a crisis you often see people going above and beyond when they don’t need to. That’s the spirit we need to help each other through. And this has been reflected by the sportspeople of this country, namely Premier League footballers, led by Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson. The footballers, who banded together to form #PlayersTogether, a fund supporting the NHS, providing money from each team and club from the players’ own pockets and directing it to our National Health Service. Great response from the men and women in our football pyramid.

Rainbow Trails Across the Country

If we’re looking to our adults to lead the way in the fight against Coronavirus, then the children of this country are certainly doing their bit too. As you will have noticed across the last weeks and months, hundreds of thousands of windows, donned with hand drawn pictures of rainbows. The rainbow trail was started as a show of gratitude to our key workers, and expanded to give belief to anyone walking by. Primary schools, homes and shop windows – all have enlisted the help of our littlest and best to brighten up the day of anyone who sees them.

NZ Prime Minister Discussing the Easter Bunny

This is quite old news, back from Easter weekend, but the video of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern conforming to the children of New Zealand that the Easter Bunny was a key worker, but that it might not be able to get round everyone this Easter, is exactly the wholesome, delightful content that we needed during the first phase of the Coronavirus. You can see the video here:

Portugal Plan for a Green Future

It’s hard to plan for a future that is pretty uncertain right now, but Portugal looks pretty dedicated to making 2020 onwards a greener, more sustainable era, with their plan to invest in a $7 billion green energy initiative to combat global warming. These issues don’t pause themselves, so forward thinking is always key in battling these types of futures. So hurrah to the Portugese government for taking a lead on such an important issue.

The next set of good news stories will come in a few weeks. Whilst the stories are being collated (also see: Googled over a cup of coffee) make sure that you keep yourself safe, stay indoors and look after each other out there. Lots of love, AAF x