We’re all doing something different during the U.K lockdown to keep us on the right side of positivity, and the right side of the four walls of our home. Some people are doing Tik Tok dances (we’re looking at you Emily), others are testing the limits of their knowledge with quizzes (Luke and Jess, to name a few) and everyone is getting their Netflix fix (Tiger King, anybody??). Yet, in true Foodie fashion, a load of us have been partaking in a little bit of baking and making – and the efforts of all of our Foodies are enough to make our mouths water for the rest of lockdown!

Here are a few of our efforts:z

Yorkshire Puddings!

Yorkies are clearly at the top of our food chain, as both Hannah and Clair have tried their hand at them. And with much success too! Looking crisp and ready for a roast, they’re big wins in our eyes!


This is Hannah again! But also Tessa, who both made a home-made loaf (Tessa even tried her hand at sourdough!) and absolutely smashed it out of the park. Jane added a last-minute entry in the form of a delightful-looking red onion and rosemary focaccia that looks good enough to eat in its entirety in one sitting. 

Brownie Madness!

Not to be left out of the festivities, Luke baked just about the only thing he can make: chocolate brownies. A mixture of milk and white chocolate, with marshmallow in the mixture to make the inside go gooey, this is arguably one of the most sugar things you would ever eat. But what else is there to get us through some of the more tough days than chowing down on sticky, sugary goodness? We’ll take an order of a dozen.

Bite-Sized Sweet Treats!

Why buy sweet treats from the store when you can easily and simply make them at home. This was clearly what Clair and Emily were thinking when they put their skills to the test to make bite-sized jam tarts and cornflake cakes respectively. It’s easier to include less snacks in your shopping list if you have an endless supply of them coming from your very own kitchen. 

Nando’s at Home!

This is something we’re going to elaborate on a little more in one of our upcoming blogs (keep your eyes peeled for that!) but for now Emily has shown us the way by absolutely nailing her at-home Nando’s game with a delicious chicken, macho peas and chips! Also notice the array of sauces that you can get at home… (hint, hint!).

You can find all of these pictures in our gallery below, and why not let us know if you’ve been attempting your own at-home baking and making? Until next time, stay well, stay and some and stay safe!