We’re all on lockdown. It’s been weeks, but it feels like years. There’s been days when we’ve woken up and literally not known the day. Is it Wednesday morning? Is it Sunday morning? What day is it!! And with the Easter weekend packed in there too, it’s getting harder and harder to tell what is going on in life. One of the only things keeping us in check is ALL OF THE HARD WORK WE’RE DOING! and our excitement for meal times. Lockdown food is one of the most essential parts of the day, but where have we been getting our inspiration from? Well, all over the show! And ‘show’ is a good place to start!

Food on TV!

The Chef Show

Have you ever seen Chef the movie? It’s a delightful film about a man who buys a food truck and travels the USA. It also spawned an excellent spin-off factual show called The Chef Show, following the team from the movie visit real-life chefs and discover their inspiration and help them make their signature dishes. And we are HOOKED.

Daily Kitchen

Starting on Monday 13th April, Daily Kitchen is Saturday Kitchen but the lockdown edition (IE every day of the week, never-ending BUT IN A GOOD WAY!). Hosted by the legend Jack Monroe (author of Tin Can Cook and Cooking on a Bootstrap), this show will truly teach you how to cook on a lockdown budget, utilising everything you would find in your kitchen. Tune in next week, we will be!


Our Online Inspiration


If you haven’t heard of Tasty! by now, then what have you been doing? With 18.1 million subscribers on Youtube, these guys are a taste sensation, literally. Usually they make awesome recipes, but things that may be a little complex for your lockdown cupboard, but last week they developed a video called I Made Only 3-Ingredient Recipes For A Day – a video about… yeah, you catch the drift. Ideal for beginners, or maybe even key workers who don’t have time on their hands… get on this!

Wahaca at Home

Everyone knows how close we are to our friends at Wahaca, we love them to bits. So when Tommi and the Team announced that they would turn their hands at some online cooking programmes for during the lockdown, we jumped with joy! The videos aren’t online yet, but you can find them, and plenty of other at-home inspiration on their Wahaca At Home webpage. Take a look around!


Blogs We Dig

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is a food blog by former 4th grade teacher Lindsay, who now spends all of her time blogging about food and more. This blog is full of awesome food and awesome lifestyle shots, all of which make this blog a great place to chill and spend your time. Recipes from deep dish cookies, to buffalo chicken tacos, and much more – they all give us heart eyes!

Recipes from a Pantry

Another blog that takes into account exactly what you might have in your cupboards at home, Recipes from a Pantry is the perfect easy cook go-to. As featured in The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping, this is a great place to explore and discover tonight’s dinner! Personally we would go for the Mediterrainian lamb stew or the easy cook curry, but we’re not fussy Foodies – we’ll eat anything that’s been made with love and care!


If you’ve got any awesome food inspiration, be sure to let us know. We’re always on the lookout for a meal to add to our meal planner! And until then, stay safe and sound x