So far, 2020 hasn’t been great. The state of the world is different from country to country, but wherever has been affected by the virus – and that’s most places – has suffered more than they should.

There’s been some really excellent shows of support and strength between communities, friends and family so far, and that is going to need to continue as the time in lockdown and on high-alert extend to days and weeks and maybe more. Here’s a few things we think may help us get through the other side in one piece!

Rainbow Trail
Have you seen any rainbows in windows recently? I’m sure you have, because its become a nationwide phenomenon. It all started as an activity to keep children occupied during daily walks (think Easter Egg hunts, but with rainbows) and it’s now turned into a national campaign. We’ve seen a whole bunch of drawings as we’ve been out for our shopping or a little bit of a walk, so we’re sure you have. Why not get involved and bring a little bit of joy to your neighbourhood.

Help out a Neighbour
Do you know anyone down your street who might need a helping hand? Well it’s time to show them your own helping hands! Whether it is medication, a bit of shopping or something else – as long as you keep your distance, there’s plenty of ways we can help our vulnerable friends and family. Make sure they know you’re offering support!

Volunteer for the NHS
What a wonderful job our NHS is doing to fight this disease. But with times getting a little harder, the Government has asked for volunteers to help deliver medicines, check on people and more. You can do this on the app GoodSAM, which allows you to appear ‘on duty’ and ‘off duty’ whenever you can help out. This is a really good scheme, and with 300,000+ people volunteers already, why not join our army of good samaritans and do your bit!

Stick to the Rules
Rules are rules, baby. So make sure you stick to them! Stay home, only go out for essential shopping and a little bit of exercise (that’s good for the brain, body and soul!) and make sure you hold your friends and family to account! The best way to beat this is to stick to the rules. But on that note, we bring you to the next point:

Check up on your Buddies
This is arguably one of the toughest times many people will ever have had. For a start people can’t go out, everyone is having a different experience with work, and most of us can’t see our families as much as we want. So with that in mind, make sure you’re checking in on your pals! FaceTime, House Party, text, two tin cans connected with a bit of string (as long as you’re 6ft away!) – there’s plenty of ways to say ‘alright, how are you?’. So be a good mate and give them a shout today. We’re all in this together.

Only take what you Need
This seems to be something that people need to hear, but lets only take what we need. For a few weeks people had begun to go crazy with their shopping, buying too much of some things (toilet roll and pasta!) leaving not enough for others. Come on guys, lets be cool!

Community Spirit!
Last week we saw an awesome show of spirit when the country came together to clap the NHS workers, so lets continue this show of kindness by extending it to people we know locally, and people we engage with in work, through social media and elsewhere. Be kind when you’re in supermarkets, say ‘hello!’ to people you pass on your walk (6ft, remember!) and remember we’re all suffering from this pandemic in our own way. We can do this!