It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas! Sport Relief! And with that: activities. Lots of wonderful and silly activities to help raise some much-needed cash for Sport Relief. Luckily for us, we had our best team on the job – Tony, Will, Eve and Hannah all put their heads together to plan just how we can raise money for Sport Relief while having fun. And like the legends that they are, they smashed it of course!

Dress in sports gear for cash!

Although we don’t have a specific uniform we work in, it was hard to pass up on the opportunity to dress in our best sporty attire for Sport Relief. Sports clothes are usually the comfiest (if, like many of us, you class joggers are sport wear) so it’s no surprise that over half of the office came in wearing their best sports clothes. 

What are some of the best examples of what people wore? Hannah and Emily came in their best gym clothes, Luke arrived wearing an Italian football referees shirt circa 1990s, Will arrived in his sailing attire and Ali came in his Arsenal kit (insert boos or cheers where appropriate) – great effort was made all round. For the chance to be a sports person for the day, you had to pay £2 to the charity pot. If you came in normal clothes – which a few people did – the fee was £5. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but I suppose some Foodies felt like having meetings in tracksuit bottoms might be a little too casual. Suit you.

The activities!

This is the fun part! We’re not averse to a food challenge at AAF, and the team came up with three stone-cold classics. So good, we couldn’t not tell you about ‘em!

Chicken Nug Challenge

Ever wondered how many chicken (or vegan!) nugs you can chug during any 30 second period? Sure you have! Well, we took that thoughts and ran with it by challenging Foodies to a Eat As Many As You Can Chicken Nugget Challenge. 30 seconds, loads of nugs – GO. That was essentially the instructions. And struth did we try! The winner, with a whopping 12 nuggets across two 30 second periods was Tony (who also organised this event… SUSPICIOUS! VERY SUSPICIOUS!). Well done Tony, you are King Nugget.

Eat A Donut From A String

If you don’t understand what this task was, then there’s nothing we can do to help you now. 15 donuts were tied to strings and the challenge was to become the fastest person to eat your entire donut from the string. In theory, this is a task that could have gone on for literal hours, but luckily for us, Donut Challenge Extraordinaire Neil completed the challenge in about 25 seconds. His secret? “I played last year” – magical.

Chilli Eating Contest

This was probably the hardest challenge. As you can guess, the person to eat the most Bird’s Eye chillies won. We may not have seen blood, but sweat and tears were certainly on show, as Nick won the challenge by eating 5 (FIVE) chillies in one sitting, beating Brian in the final. Mad props must go to Kirsty and Imogen who were heard outside the kitchen saying “my lips are burning” and “I might need to go home” – well played all.

We’re not too sure how much money we raised yet, because we still have one ongoing challenge remaining – the AAF Step Challenge. All week, we are calculating how many steps each person can get across the 5 working days. The aim is 10,000 a day, but I sure as heck know that anyone doing the Chicken Nugget Challenge might not be moving for another 10,000 days. Until next time, Sport Reliefers.