Women! Excellent, aren’t they. They’re the backbone of our country. They’re our mums, our sisters, our wives, partners, pals, bosses and loads more. We couldn’t live without them (literally!) so we’re all for celebrating them whenever we damn well can! Yesterday, though, was International Women’s Day 2020, and we have so much time for an entire day spent solely give ‘big ups’ to the women in our lives and around the world too. So it only makes sense that we spent the entire of this blog picking our some of our favourite stories, memes and facts about women. Enjoy!

Things you 100% use that were Invented by a Women

Hey there, neighbour. I see you’re walking back from that cool shop you’ve just been visiting with your goods in a paper bag. We give all of our sample packs out in paper bags too. Whenever anyone visits the office, we like to send them away with a bag of goodies. Good choice on the paper bag. Did you know, that paper bag was invented by a woman? They were invented in 1868 by Margaret Knight

Once you’ve cooked up a storm with the shopping you brought back in a paper bag, you’ll probably realise that there’s SHED LOADS of pots and pans leftover, nevermind the plates and glasses and cutlery. It’s a good job you’ve got a dishwasher, isn’t it. We have one too because we absolutely HATE washing up. Well, you should know that a woman invented the dishwasher, too. In 1886, Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher, and went on to save millions of people the utter despair of doing the dishes. Bravo, Josephine.


Maybe after you’ve sat down and had your dinner, you’ll need to do a little work. EUGH. But we know it happens. Sometimes folk have to do it for us, too. We don’t like it but occasionally it happens. Which is why we’re made up that Grace Hopper invented the VERY FIRST computer programme language. Allowing, years down the line, billions of people to easily work, play and explore the world at their fingertips.


Inspirational Women from all over the World

Emmeline Pankhurst

What a woman! The woman best known for helping start the movement for women to have the right to vote. Sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it – women not being able to vote. Well, it was a very distinct reality for women up until 1918, when women over 30, who owned property, were given the right to vote. This led to all women in the UK being allowed to vote as of 1928.

Marie Curie

A two-time Nobel Prize-winning legend, Marie Curie was a leader in the field of Science, and a leader of women. Denied access to university education in her native Poland (on account of being a woman), she up and moved to Paris, where she began work in a field that found her pioneering work in radioactivity, and discovering the elements polonium and radium. We love all that!

Rose Heilbron QC

Maybe not a totally well known woman, but she was the first ever woman in England to lead on a murder trial. So hers is a name you 100% should know! This, in a time (during 50’s) when women were still shunned in their professional field, is a feat that deserves recognition.

Oprah Winfrey

One of THE most successful women of all time, both in business and in the public spotlight, Oprah was at one point the most famous woman in the world. Talk show host, motivational speaker, media mogul and business woman, she is rightly revered as one of the best loved and interesting characters in the public eye in the last 100 years.