There’s a bunch of brands we rep, and we loved them all to bits. Our brand partners alongside our retail partners are some of the most important people we deal with, so when we see great things that they’re doing in the news it makes our hearts burst and our smiles wide! We try and do lots of activities with our brands, but we also love seeing them do things themselves. With that in mind, we’ve brought together some of the best and most exciting (and funny) pieces of news from our family of chicken lovers, Nando’s. Keep an eye out to anyone called David…

St David’s Day Bonanza at Nando’s

Do you like Nando’s? Is your name David? Are you Welsh/living in Wales? Well this weekend could be your lucky weekend! To celebrate St David’s Day in Wales, Nando’s are giving away a free bottle of limited edition sauce to any person called David who spends over £7 in the restaurant. £7! That’s well worth it if you’re called David. In an absolute dream promotion, you should get all of your pals who are called David to rock up to the Welsh Nando’s and come away with every flavour under the sun.

Nando’s Has Launched Vegan Perinaise Nationwide

Right in time for New Year, Nando’s recently launched a vegan alternative to their massively popular Perinaise sauce, and people are loving it! This year seems to be the year of the vegan, as food choices and lifestyle choices are catered for more than ever. And that means making sure there’s enough tasty vegan condiments out there in restaurants. Heck, even if you’re not vegan, why don’t you give this a try? It tastes the same as the original sauce, but your vegan pals can have a dip of your sauce too! OK, maybe that isn’t going to convince you.