IT’S PANCAKE DAY! The most joyous of days. Some folks have pancakes any time of year, but not us – we like our pancakes strictly on Shrove Tuesday. Each year somebody in the office makes a whole tonne of pancake batter and treats the office to crepe-style pancakes with all of the delish toppings and treats that go with them. And this very topic lead us to a conversation that comes up every year without fail: what are our favourite pancake toppings? 

Whilst this is an argument for the times, we’ve tried to sum up our favourite toppings in this mouth-watering blog. Enjoy!

Sugar and Lemon

Is this not literally the best? Simple but affective. Some people – anti-traditionalists – shun this topping as a sign of a time before pancakes became exciting, but we think there’s nothing better or more simple than drenching your pancake in lemon then covering the lot in shed-loads of sugar and tucking in. Mopping the pancakes in the remaining lemon! Getting a particularly sugary mouthful and having more energy than you’ve ever had before! Totally, entirely, absolutely delightful.


The challenger to the throne! If sugar and lemon is the tradition, then Nutella is new money. A true 21st Century topping. I reckon 50% of the people with Nutella in their home would site pancake day as the sole reason for owning a jar. I mean, sure, it’s tasty as heck, but who is buying a jar of Nutella to just have in the house?! (We asked this question directly to Foodies and many people answered that they did – who knew). Perfect for people who like to roll their pancake like a parchment, spreading the Nutella inside and getting a borrito-style situation going on, except inside the roll is NUTELLA not Mexcian food.

Bacon and Maple Syrup

This is very Canadian, but we’re up for trying new things and decided that, even though many of us hadn’t actually had this, that bacon and maple syrup would in fact be a great wonderful addition to a set of pancakes. Make the bacon crispy and the syrup… syrupy, and we’ll plan our breakfast accordingly. 

Chocolate and Banana

We’ve had chocolate already, but the addition of banana to the ordeal makes things all the better. It’s probably all the more like a desert than a breakfast, but we can’t say no to something so SCRUMMY. If you’ve never tried it, imagine the richest and most devilishly excellent dish, perfect for anybody with a sweet-tooth. Then times that by 3. That’s this pancake dish.