Now Christmas is over and we’re ready to tackle a new year (and a new decade!) we’re also putting together some more plans for our community pillar this year, something that we love to do every year that focuses on how we help some of the initiatives close to us by offering out time and some money to push their causes. 

We like to do what we can just like everyone else, but with 40+ people who all want to give up their time, we’re in a prime place to make a bit of a different, even if it’s just for one day. 

These plans are often charitable, but they’re also sometimes just doing out bit in the local community. We’ve helped in local schools before, and offered work experience, whilst giving young ones a little look into what life post-study is like

Whilst we’re making our plans for this coming year, we’ve been reflecting on some of the fun things we’ve been doing in the past, from making food for locals to practising mock interviews. Which, naturally, gives us ample opportunity to write a blog! There’s always multiple benefits to these things…


Helping Out the Youngsters

There are a bunch of schools local to us in  Skelmersdale, and we like the help them as much as we can. Leaving school can be pretty hard, and often kids aren’t really sure that will be out in the world meeting them – it’s easy picking subjects to continue to study with, but it’s hard knowing where those subjects are going to be relevant. We’ve helped local school pupils with interview techniques, we’ve shown them round our office and given them an insight into what we do, and some of our Foodies have been involved in events to promote their own particular role. 

MUG Club Lunches

These are one of our favourite things to do because they’re fun and we get to spend time with some of the older people from the local community. MUG Club is a local initiative to bring people closer together, and especially people who may otherwise not get regular contact and make regular connections with people around their community. When they come to our lunches, the attendees get their dinner served, they get to chat to other like-minded folk and they get to have a natter to some of the Foodies too. Often, they’ll have entertainment too (sometimes in the form of a sing-song…) – what’s not to love?!

Children in Need

Most of our work is done for the community of Skelmersdale – we treat it like it’s our true home, even if most of us come into and leave the town of an evening. Sometimes, however, we just can’t help but join in with some of the national events taking place – and each year Children in Need is no different. Whether we’re dressing up, bringing in cakes and bakes or taking part in a challenge of some sort, we love to raise money for this national treasure!

Digmoore Foodbank

Not only can we offer time and financial donations, but we are a food company! So we can offer food! Whenever we have short date stock or stock that has been over-ordered and can’t be sold, we try and send it down to our local foodbank. It makes us sad that people need to use foodbanks, in the UK, in 2020, but because we produce anything from sauces, to wraps, to crisps, we know that some of our stock could go a long way for some of the residents of Skelmersdale who need it most. We’re always sending deliveries into the foodbank, which we’re really proud of. We just hope over the years, our deliveries become less frequent (for all the right reasons).