We all wonder it, from time-to-time; what do others think of us? Not in a weird way, but it’s a common human reaction sometimes. Well, occasionally we like to hear what people say about some of our products and more importantly, how much people love them. 

Our customer service team gets loads of correspondence every week from customers all over the country, in all forms from letters to emails to phone calls. Something we don’t often do is keep an eye on Twitter. So, for the blog this week we decided to collate a bunch of favourite social media posts from people discussing our products, and telling us how much they love them!


Lemon and Herb – Nando’s 

This person is both correct and wrong. Our Lemon and Herb sauce is, in temperature terms, not fire. It is really chill. But in terms of excellent, Arnold is right. Lemon and Herb sauce is indeed fire. So are all of our sauces in the Nando’s range, but this one is particularly ‘fire’. Hot stuff.

Mango and Lime- Nando’s

This person has made a completely excellent choice for their dinner by opting for Mango and Lime Nando’s sauce. Their at-home chicken thigh experience will now be mangoier, limeier and more delightful. Well done, Dr Erin.

Chipotle Sauce – Wahaca

If you’ve seen our blog before, you’ll know we love a list. We’ve listed chocolate, potato-based foods and here we have maybe the best list ever to grace our website – Anna’s list. It’s the greatest because it holds the best of truths in the land: that Wahaca sauce can make anything edible. Trust us, we know. Some of us are AWFUL cooks, and Wahaca is always saving our sorry butts. It looks like our customers know too.

Habanero Chilli – Wahaca

Ryan also know that Wahaca is the way forward. As well as spicing up food in general, it is perfect for adding a bit of a kick to healthy dinners too. January is the time to kick Christmas habits, and Wahaca can make even the blandest dinners delightful.

Wholemeal Bread – Cranks

Look at this breakfast! We love it when we see our bread getting mad props because it’s honestly one of our favourite product lines and it’s so well loved! Wholemeal, wholesome and wholly delish, we wholly recommend adding it to your breakfast (dinner and tea) routine STAT.

Coffee Pods – Costa

Whilst they may be our newest brand, they still know how to kick up a coffee-related storm and by the looks of things across social media, our customers truly can’t get enough. Whether it’s a start to the day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, we recommend getting on one of our ranges of coffee asap. Why not get your Costa kick at home?

So if you’re ever wondering whether you should take a punt on some of our various ranges, remember these social comments next time you’re in the supermarket. Whether it’s going mad for Nando’s, buzzing up your dinner choice with Wahaca or getting a kick out of Costa, we know you won’t regret it.