Let me guess – you’re back at work and you’re kinda fed up about that fact, but you have to pay the bills and Christmas has just been, so it’s best for all if you just get on with life. Right? Right. Well, although it’s a bit drab outside, life doesn’t have to be grey in January! There’s plenty of lovely things and great news flying around that mean this start to the decade can be as exciting and promising as any other! Don’t believe us? Well here’s some awesome, exciting and heart-warming news to fend off those January blues!

Animal Reunion
Everybody loves animal news. It’s the best type of news! Who doesn’t love animal-based joy? This girl does, especially. This piece of news, from Good News Network, tells of a 15 year old girl who volunteered at her local animal shelter, only to be reunited with her childhood cat after working there for just a few days!

The cat, called Spunky, had gone missing from their family home three years prior, and had been recovered from a local highway, before being re-homed, then brought to the shelter a few months later. If that isn’t a great start to 2020, I don’t know what is! The original story can be found here.

Climate Awareness at Highest
Quickly becoming the #1 concern of our time, Climate Change is a topic that people are becoming more and more aware of. And that fact has now been proven to be true, from research done by YouGov. And this should be cause for great celebration! The more aware people are of these issues, the more clout the cause has and the more forcefully Parliament and the powers that be will need to address these issues. It’s not too late, and this awareness news is awesome!

Milkman-man – the superhero of the morning!
This piece of news is from a few years ago, but it makes it no less excellent! A London milkman was reported to be taking part in random acts of kindness when needed, from calming a family whilst waiting for police after a burglary to rescuing pets from trees and other precarious situations. And for these awesome bits of kindness, the milky won an award. Yes milkman!

Random acts of kindness are the way forward, and people like this are what make the world go round. So if you see a cat up a tree, make sure you don your cape and reach for the sky.

Act of Kindness to the Homeless in Manchester
Some of the kindest acts are in the face of some of the harshest realities, and the same can be said here. A woman from Manchester raised enough money to buy homeless people on the streets of Manchester a meal-deal from Greggs. The Stockport-based lady raised enough to give out £5 gift-cards to 100 homeless people, allowing them something decent to eat over the Christmas period.

Being homeless must be hard enough, but the fact that they struggle to eat is sometimes a bridge too far for some people. And it’s great to see individuals taking things into their own hands. Well played!