January can be pretty naff. It’s still dark when you go and leave work, it’s only just getting properly cold, and everyone is telling you that you’ve got to eat healthier. Well, we don’t agree that you have to. But if you’re looking to have something a little more healthy, we’ve got you covered, with no flavour spared. Take a look at our answer to the boring January blues.

Nando’s Rice Bowl

Easy to make and delicious, the Nando’s recipe rice bowl is one of the best healthy meals because it doesn’t skimp on flavour. Bring Nando’s into your home is easy with our sauces (cheap sell there by us) and all you really need to make this is your choice of protein (chicken, obviously), some green salad, rice and a poached egg. Want to know more? See the link below.


Wahaca Black Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

It’s always good to get in some interesting veggies into your diet, and Mexican food is the best place for it. This Wahaca treat is full of flavour and you can even tailor your spice so it’s just right for you. As an addition, why not make your own guacamole which only takes a few minutes. For more ingredients or recipes from Wahaca, take a look at the site below. 


Crank’s Winter Leek, Celery and Fennel Broth

How could we talk about healthy, hearty food without bringing Cranks into the agenda? Their winter leek, celery and fennel broth serves 4 people and is perfect for those cold January nights where everything feels cold and bleak, and all you need is a great warm meal. Crammed chocka-block full of veggies and goodness, this is the meal to stave off illness and cold bugs. 


Roasted Vegetable Hot Pot

Here’s another Cranks favourite full to the brim of veggies and vitamins. Got a bunch of veg left over from the December Christmas meal? Thrown them in this recipe and make a great hot pot that is fit for a king! If you’re looking to spice it up a bit and add a little kick, even add some of our spicy sauce into the mix when cooking. It’s warm the meal and warm your cockles to boot. You won’t regret it.