Christmas is the time for family, friends and eating too much food for too long.  So, in this very spirit, we bring to you the fifth annual All About Food Children’s Christmas Party, organised and hosted by our very own Lindsay Enright. 

Each year we hold this event in the days leading up to Christmas. Sure, it’s mainly for small Foodies to come in and have fun and see where their parents work, but it’s also a little bit of fun for the adults, too. The last week in work before the Christmas break is always either ultra busy, or dead as a dodo, so what better way to jazz up the office than let 15 little people leg it around like tiny maniacs. Sound good? Well it is!

The way the day works is all of the big Foodies bring their little Foodies in at 9am and various people around the office will keep them occupied (see: stop them from overdosing on sugar) until the Christmas party starts at 12.30 sharp.

The Christmas party is a fun little hour. We essentially ply the children with sweets, pop and sausage rolls then ask them to play party games without going wild and crying. Which, as you can imagine, involves a lot of damage prevention and doctoring of rules to make sure every child gets a chance to unwrap the gift during pass the parcel. But in doing this, Lindsay always smashes it out of the park. 

But it isn’t all just fun and games – there’s some serious aspects to it too. Because of her knowledge of the North Pole, Lindsay organises a little visit from Santa himself, to give a couple of gifts out and let the kids know he’s well aware if they’ve been naughty or nice. 

Once Santa has called into the office, given out gifts, we let him go (he’s very busy this time of year don’t you know!) and we get back to eating. 

After this, you’d think that a bunch of children between the age of 7 – 13 would have been tired, but you would be very much mistaken. So much so, that they were actually more active than usual. At this stage, they’re drawing snowmen or Christmas trees on any white board they can find, potentially ruining hours and hours of finely drawn notes or graphs, but it’s Christmas and they’re kids so everyone just laughs it off. Or at least until January comes along and people are grumpy and too cold to remember how fun Christmas once was.

Christmas truly is a time for giving and a time for fun, and that’s why we like to have days like this. Nobody really wants to work, but we have to. At least having little sprouts making us laugh and being cute in equal measure is a good way to spend the day. 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas day and get the chance to have a nice break. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Love, AAF x