With Wahaca as one of our brands, we often find ourselves cooking up a Mexican storm in the office. Our cupboards are filled with spice kits, tacos and delicious marinades. So when the Mexican Day of the Dead comes about every year, we dust off our facepaint, dancing shoes and pestle and mortar and let a little (more) Mexican in our lives. And we would love to let a little Mexican in your lives, too. So here’s a little blog dedicated to our favourite piece of Mexico.

What is Day of the Dead?
Good question, amigo! Day of the Dead is a Mexican cultural event that celebrates the lives of people who have passed away, and remembers their lives families. So in short, it’s a bloody lovely festival fullof colour, joy and memories! It’s become a worldwide event, largely because of the vibe around it, and Britain has a whole host of events across the country to celebrate this occasion.

How Can I Celebrate?
Second good question! If you live near a city, there will probably be an event being held there. Sometimes these are in public spaces, but restaurants and squares will be holding them too, so take your pick.

If this doesn’t catch your fancy, or there’s nothing in your area, why not throw your own party, creating your own little slice of Mexicana. Here’s a few awesome recipes to get you going!

Pumpkin and Chocolate Cheesecake with Pumpkin Seed Praline
If you’re looking for something that mixes Halloween, Day of the Dead and your love of deserts, then look no further. This excellent treat is easy to make but so tasty. Just think of it as low risk, low effort, but a shockingly good return. It’s like Halloween was made for this desert, and you were made for it. If you’re feeling a little bit interesting, you could try butternut squash instead of pumpkin. Take your pick!


Day of the Dead Skull Shaped Biscuits
Listen, these largely only made the list because biscuits are great and decorated skulls are a huge part of Day of the Dead culture. They may not even taste that great (they probably will! But that’s up to you to see!) but they look funky as anything. If you can make biscuits already (and lets face it, anyone can!) then you’re already halfway there. All you need to do now is shape ‘em and decorate ‘em and job is a good’n.


Mexican Bread of Day of the Dead
We wouldn’t be English if we didn’t try and slide bread into almost any culinary situation. So here we are: Mexican bread. This sweet, glazed bread is a delish side of starter or part of a side dish. Serving 8 people, or 1 serious bread lover, this is the perfect stodge for Autumn.