OK, so sure, we like to post about a lot of the fun things that go on at All About Food on the blog, but that doesn’t disguise the hard work that goes on daily from each and every Foodie. Often, we can see the fruits of our labour in obvious ways – products, campaigns, and other more physical results. But most of our hard work goes on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly and exactly how we want it to. And how we want to do things is often a lot different to other businesses. So it takes a lot more hard work to get to that point. And this is none more evident than with our amazing technical team, who have put in hours, days, weeks and months of hard work to ensure that everything to do with our products and processes are in tip-top condition. And it’s after this painstaking hard work that All About Food has gained a AA grade from the BRC for Agents and Brokers. Hurrah! But what does this mean, and who the heck are the BRC?

BRC stands for Branded Reputational Compliance and is a global standard for food and production safety and is graded based on a companies suitability to reach a certain standard of conformity – the higher the grade, the better the processes and practices are. The Agents and Brokers category is the type of business we are, and the type of standard we would be held against. There are a number of categories for different types of businesses, and this is ours. Getting AA standard means that we’re the highest, and best, we can possibly be.

To get to such a high level is no mean feat. We had the help of our terrific internal audit team, consisting of Will, Dan, Nick and Joe playing a crucial role in making sure the business and technical processes were continuously improved and up to scratch. Although Hannah and Naomi and the rest of our technical team do a wonderful job, we wanted to make sure we weren’t “marking our own homework” as Waheed so poetically put it.

Some of the things that we have had to do to were already kind-of in place, but we’ve also had to build some systems, internal audits and map out detailed processes, all of which have taken time and energy and attention to detail. And that’s a massive credit to the team for doing so in the best, most professional manner. We often speak about our AAF values in the context of having fun and helping others, but the values have shone through here when we’ve needed people to help the business.

So why is this accreditation so important? Well firstly it acknowledges the hard work we’ve put in to make our products and processes so good, whilst also showing industry and customer stakeholders that the care and attention put into our products is, quite frankly, ace!

But it hasn’t just been internal work that’s been spot on, we’ve also had to lean on our partners – both brand and supply – to help us complete this process. So, as you can tell, it’s been a whole massive team effort. We always knew what we did was commendable, but hearing it from the global standard setter makes it all the more special!