As is every year, the MacMillan Coffee Morning came back with roaring success last Friday, with thousands of pounds being raised across the country for the fight against cancer. It’s a staple in our diary and we love getting involved. Unfortunately, however, we had to cancel our coffee morning because people had too much work to do and too many commitments outside the office. We wanted to make sure we got the chance to make the most money we could possibly make for the cause. But never fret, because we held the coffee morning on the Monday instead. And the turn-out was amazing! 

Because of the extra few days of inspiration and baking, the goodies were arguably the best we’ve ever seen on the AAF bake-off day. I would argue the number of calories exceeded the 1 million mark, with the number of happy faces hitting the full 40+ capacity. Let’s take a little run-down of the movers and shakers and brilliant bakers that brought a big smile to our Monday faces:

AAF Tree Cake

Katie’s tree cake was one of the highlights of the day. Made as a mixture of chocolate cake (with our values in icing along the tree trunk) and the tree leaves as small cupcakes, this effort was delightful and delicious. One of the most impressive cakes we’ve seen in a long while.

Asa’s Aero Mint Cake

Rumours were going around the Tree House early doors that Asa’s hugely impressive Aero cake was actually made by his partner, and when asked Asa declined to comment. Well, whoever it was, they didn’t half score a screamer with this cake. For those with a good imagination, the cake itself was standard, but had a flow of Aero balls coming from a bag just above it, connected by a delicious chocolate centrepiece. Mmm.

Sausage Rolls!

Sam’s sausage rolls were a popular choice as one of the few savory options on the menu. In a world of chocolate and cream (what a world) it was refreshing/much needed to find something to change things up. Flavoured as plain or Vusa (very on brand), Sam could sell these sausage rolls in a shop, they were that good! 

Sophie’s Red Velvet 

This cake was genuinely the largest/tallest cake we’ve ever seen and each and every bite was tastier and more excellent than the last! Red – tick, velvetty – tick. With white chocolate triangles stuck in the top (that melted in the kitchen just before lunch), this cake was a real dark horse in the Best Cake in the North West category.