It’s been a while since we’ve told you about some of our team making lunches, so why not start again with one of the more important reasons to lunch we’ve had in a while. This week, our Project Blue team (Project Blue being our team tasked with assessing the environmental footprint of our business) decided to show us all what could be culinarily accomplished without the need for plastic in packaging. So, enter our first ever plastic-free lunch at All About Food. And on that note, we thought it was a good time to celebrate some of the awesome plastic-free news that our industry has been making!

Morrison’s move away from plastic fruit and veg bags
Super great news from the folks at Morrisons, who have decided that they could do without plastic bags on their veg stands so they’ve replaced them with netting and brown paper bags. Not only does it help the environment and cut down on single-use plastics, but they also look WELL BETTER. So good for those guys! You can read more below.

Burger King isn’t playing around
We all remember those little plastic toys that came with fast food meals. Usually themed towards the latest movie or TV show that was doing the rounds. They were fun, right? WRONG. They’re full of plastic, and what’s more, Burger King has decided that they’ve had enough, and are giving away free kids meals for anyone returning old plastic toys. Genius! Free food and less plastic! The toys, that will be given to the ‘MeltDown’ campaign, is an awesome initiative for tackling pointless plastic waste.

Christmas comes early for Iceland
We all know how much is sold during Christmas – BLOOMIN LOADS! So what better way for Iceland to celebrate than launching a plastic-free Christmas range to try and tackle their plastic usage. How delightful! We’re excited to see what this range has to offer, but considering it will be Christmassy and plastic-free, we’re willing to bet that it will be awesome!

Budweiser ringing the changes
Even though the wordplay in the title above may be pretty terrible, this is a great idea by Budweiser. The best way to cut down on plastic is to get rid of the pointless stuff. I know, it sounds obvious but until now it clearly hasn’t been obvious. Spending a huge sum on upgrading their own technology to find recyclable solutions to beer can rings, this is going to save 850 tonnes of plastic per year. We’ll raise a glass to that!