THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF IS BACK! Sound the alarm, turn on that oven and lets get funky, because it’s time to get ready for another 10 weeks of wholesome fun! 

There’s not a show in the world more popular with our Foodies than GBBO, and that kind of makes sense, what with the very nature of our work (food) and our interests (food). And over the years we’ve had some really awesome bakes brought into the office for a whole number of reasons. Here are a few of our favourites to make you crave some scran more than ever.

Sam’s Popcorn Cake

This is truly as good as it sounds. A few years ago during one of our charity bake off competitions, Sam brought in a truly exceptional bake unlike anything we had ever seen. A large cake, with a popcorn box design on top (fully edible) with REAL LIFE popcorn flowing out of the top and over onto the cake what a treat to satisfy the cakes lovers and the popcorn lovers. It’s safe to say that nobody was quite brave enough to cut this cake up because of how beautiful it was. Until Sam made the first slice, which prompted everyone in the office to go crazy for the cake and gobble up every slice. 

Rob’s Home-Made Sausage Rolls

Rob may not work for All About Food anymore, but his legendary sausage rolls still get spoken about to this day. Rob, who used to be our development chef, was a bloomin’ excellent cook, and used to regularly put on cooking lesson sessions for Foodies to learn how to make new and exciting meals. One bake he didn’t give up his secrets to, however, were his excellent sausage rolls. Whenever there was a baking competition in the office, the only savory option anyone would bring in would be Rob and his excellent sausage rolls. And it’s sad to say that there were never enough to go around.

Evie’s Lemon Drizzle

Our AAF family is always an extended affair, and on this note, we regularly see members of people’s family pop in to say hello, or their kids spending a few hours in the office during the summer months. And some (Brian’s daughter Evie) even bake us little treats whilst they’re here. Enter: Evie’s Lemon Drizzle cake. These cakes are potentially some of the best we have in the office, and that’s reflected in the fact that every time Evie is in the office over the holidays, her list of cake orders gets larger and larger!