When our Foodies leave the business, it’s always a bittersweet situation. On the one hand, we’re really sad to see them go. We’re a really awesome team, so when someone from that team leaves, it’s never nice. On the other hand, though, we’re always proud of people when they decide the time has come to move on and that they’re usually moving on to something different, new and exciting. We’ve always been an open book and we know people don’t stay anywhere forever, so why have that expectation? Be proud of people – it’s nice!

Sometimes, though, these Foodies who have left come back! And this is bloomin’ marvellous. Recently we’ve seen the return of Tessa in our marketing team, and honestly we couldn’t be happier to see her back with All About Food. As well as this, though, we’ve recently seen Luke return to our rank on a temporary basis to help cover our Office Admin role. Luke used to work in the role a few years back, before leaving the business to continue a career as a freelance copywriter and social media manager. It was something he was working on during his time at AAF, and he decided to make the jump into full-time. Again, we were happy and sad to see him go. But, when we needed a wee helping hand, he said that he could help us our again for a little bit and we couldn’t have been happier! So we decided to let him tell us all about his experience back in the business on the blog! Enjoy!

So here I am! Back at All About Food. When I was asked to give a bit of a helping hand to a role I used to do, it didn’t take me very long to say “yeah, sure!”. But let’s get this straight: this isn’t something I would have done for any of my other previous employers. I’m now doing a totally different role and working for myself – I get that chance to work creatively with businesses and it’s great. But All About Food is unique, and I didn’t want to see them in a sticky spot. So again, here I am.

Being back has been amazing. The chance to be amongst the Foodies has been awesome. Most of them will tell you that I’ve never been away – I continue to work for the business managing their website, blog, and some branding bits and pieces, so coming back wasn’t exactly a leap. But returning in a full-time temp position is a different beast. 

What is it like coming back to the business? Amazing, to be honest. The faces sometimes change but honestly, the attitude, the values and the hard work is the same. It’s a great laugh and hard work – something that’s difficult to replicate, believe me. I try as I work for myself!

Being involved day-to-day makes you appreciate how amazing everything here is. I love the people, and always have – they’re what made it easy to return, even if it is for a few months. We work with some fun brands and we’re involved in some interesting things but it is the people that have me buzzed, so it’s easy to see how the vibe in the office continues to be so great. I’ve loved my time back at the company and I’m sure whoever takes over the role will be excellent.