Las Iguanas Xinxim

We all know Pele, right? Brazilian football player, one of the greatest ever, that Pele? Well Xinxim is famous for being his favorite food. So, you know, if that doesn’t pique your interest in this most delicious of Latin America then we don’t know what will. A pretty basic dish, you’ll be able to get all of the ingredients from your local store and cook up a pure storm at home. If you love cooking and love curry, you’re onto a winner.

Nando’s Fish Finger Tacos with PERinaise

I genuinely don’t think you’re going to get an easier recipe than this bad-boy. Satisfaction: high, preparation: low. And isn’t that what we all want from life? You can essentially just throw this together with a soft taco or two, some onions, guacamole, white cabbage, a red apple (?? this recipe is really messing with a format) and maybe anything else you want to add. The best part, though, is naturally the PERinaise lathered over the top. If you wanna make this tasty treat, take a look below.

Red’s True BBQ Meatballs

This delightful meaty treat is right out of left field for a BBQ meal, but if you’re after a hearty, warming dish that’s actually pretty easy to make, then we have the perfect fit. Your core ingredients are beef, onion and spaghetti. After that, help yourself to our Red’s BBQ sauces and rubs, and you’re away. An hour later, you’re in BBQ dreamland.

Wahaca Mexican Slaw

What with those heavy, hearty meals above, it could be worth adding a little lighter, something (margainly) healthier than the other bits above. Fresh, zesty, and saucy (make sure you have some Wahaca sauce at the ready!) this will be perfect in what’s left of the summer sun.

Cranks Summer Pudding

Do you like summer? Do you like pudding? Well what more can we say! This Cranks summer pudding is a simple, fruity dessert that will feel lovely after the savoury main meals above. Follow the simple steps to make a delicious pudding for 6 people.