As a pride sponsor and, more importantly, as pride supporters, it was a true honour to take part in this years Pride in Liverpool. The event, which took to the streets of Liverpool on 27th July 2019 to march for LGBTQ+ rights, was a rainbow of colour, diversity and joy. And we were so happy to take part alongside thousands of amazing people and a group of wonderful establishments.

The day didn’t start off too great. The weather forecast, which predicted rain, rain, rain, ensured that most of us arrived to Liverpool and St George’s Hall – the starting point of this wonderful march – in big coats and kind-of waterproof items. A far cry from the colour and shades that were on show for the day. The rain hadn’t dampened our spirits but it had made us cover our garments. Luckily, as the march began, we decided to let loose and show our colours – and our wonderful AAF Pride t-shirts – and let the weather do its worst. And even though it tried, we cheered, shouted, flag-waved and whistle-blew our way across town, getting photos and smiling and laughing and supporting everyone else who was on the march. During the rain is the best time to see a rainbow anyway!

As the march came to an end, and all parties began to merge into one, there was only one direction for us to go – towards the food and towards the bar. A tasty Greek food cart and a bottle of beer and we were ready for a dance and a sing once more. Which is where the two music stages came in really handy!

After multiple renditions of Whitney Houston, and some serious bopping, the light began to fall on the day and we all got a bit tired and ready to leave the Pride in Liverpool party behind. With one last cheers, we headed off towards various car parks and train stations, soaking wet but having soaked up an amazing atmosphere to boot. This was the first year that All About Food sponsored Pride in Liverpool, but considering the reaction of all 14 marchers and everyone else within the company, we reckon we’ll be right back at the front of the queue next year, helping an awesome cause any which way we can.