Is there anything better than a Friday? Like, really? The end of the working week, the start of the weekend. The day that everyone working 9-5 (and maybe beyond) is a little deluded. A little stir-crazy. That’s why we try and make Friday afternoon a little more light-hearted. That’s why Will introduced the idea of Will’s Welcome to the Weekend, or, WWW – a light-hearted, 5 question quiz to bring the weekend in in style.

Every Friday, around 2pm, Will gathers everyone in the office to take part in the quiz for the title as Quiz Champions and a trophy donated by Dale (coincidentally on the same day as he won). The topic, chosen seemingly at random (we’ve had music, film and this week summer) is planned by Will “5 minutes before the quiz starts” – inspiring.

Here are a few of the questions for you to trip your hand at:

What sentence follows the lyric “Summer, summer, summertime” in the Will Smith hit Summertime?

Who is the most successful person is Oscar history?

How many of the Marvel films are in the box office top 10 of all time?

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in the U.K?

How did you do with those questions? Without using Google, of course. Each question from the quiz is usually damn hard. The highest score we’ve had so far is 6, and that included bonus points and a total possible score of 12. We think Will should have his own T.V quiz show, because it would never lose money.

If you think the quiz may be a little tough for a weekend welcoming, then never fret: we also have treats! A tradition (or soon to be) is the Friday Treat Fairy. Each Friday, a new member of the team brings in some chocolates, cakes and treats and we snack on them before or after the WWW. We’ve had cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake, Caramel bites and much more. Because clearly Friday is for treats.

The jury is still out on whether the treats and intake of sugar help push us through the rest of the week, or send us over the edge into a buzzed frenzy, but we’re willing to continue the Treat Fairy tradition until we’ve consumed all of the sugar this side of Birmingham. So look out for more updates and maybe another quiz blog special full of questions to test your knowledge!