Last month we wrote about how, as a celebration for the AAF 20th anniversary, the whole business upped sticks and took a 4 day break to Italy to relax with some sun, food and wine whilst enjoying each others company and making sure our jobs are still ticking over (money doesn’t make itself!). What we didn’t tell you was that 10 people stayed on at the end of the trip, in their own time, to see a bit of Rome and have a further relax before the working week started again on Monday.

During our time exploring, taking in the awesome scenery and chowing down on excellent pasta, we came across the pure spectacle that was Rome Pride. A march, party and an experience like no other, we decided that it would make for a class afternoon to take part in the celebrations and support the march as it passed through the city. During this time the conversation started about how awesome it would be if All About Food Ltd sponsored a pride event as well as the other awesome causes we sponsor. LGBTQ+ pride is something we’re all passionate and supportive of, so it kind of caught our imagination.

Well, fast forward a month and that’s exactly what we’re doing! Thanks to a chance weekend in Rome, All About Food Ltd is a key sponsor of Pride in Liverpool, Liverpool’s pride march and celebration in 2019. And this is a great example of some of the Foodie-led initiatives that we get behind. Maybe All About Food wouldn’t have supported Pride in Liverpool this year had it not been for the passion of these 10-odd people in Italy and their support for other communities. But now we are, we can’t wait to get going.

Pride in Liverpool is 27th July and we’ll have a place in the march alongside some other great, supportive companies, and we’ll be flying the flag for an inclusive society. So what are some of the things that you can do to support pride?

Liverpool Pride is hosting an array of added extras aside from the main day. Throughout the year there will be film events, award nights, parties and educational pieces around the city that show Pride in Liverpool isn’t just a day, but a week and a year and a way of life. Some of the businesses that support Pride will fly Pride in Liverpool flags outside their shop, so if you pass them, make sure you try and support them too.

A couple of weeks ago, Imogen and Luke went to the sponsor launch of Pride in Liverpool, and were super happy to see exactly what the money and support from sponsor companies and the public is used towards. Crime prevention, police support, youth programmes and the arts were all on the agenda, and it’s great to see our local city doing so much for such a diverse selection of LGBTQ+ people.

We’ll have loads more going on, with pictures and another blog about the day itself, but if you have time, get down to Liverpool on the 27th and march for the rights of LGBTQ+ people everywhere.