Our community pillar at AAF is at the heart of our values and we don’t say that type of thing lightly! The projects we continue to support are chosen by the All About Food Foodies and even our traditional, nationwide charitable opportunities are chosen because they’re close to our hearts (take the MacMillan coffee morning or Children in Need, for example). We think it’s important to tell our stories of good deeds from time-to-time because they’re an important feature of what makes us us. So, without further adieu – our year in All About Helping.

Good Deeds to Local Peeps

Charity should always begin within your local community and we always make sure that no matter what else we’re doing, we always concentrate on helping those closest to us. We’re really close with local food banks – Digmoor Food Bank being one – and often send short-dated stock their way when we know we’re going to struggle to sell if, or if we’ve over-ordered. We make sure we never create waste where possible, so this is a great way of helping the community and being responsible. 

International Women’s Day at AAF

International Women’s Day has been supported and followed by AAF for a couple of years no in it’s official capacity. We believe it’s a really important day especially in the business world, and we’re proud to say that every member of staff is always super keen to get involved with whatever activities or plans we have to celebrate the day. We’ve had presentations, watched inspiring videos, talked about the impact of women and positive actions and had the difficult, engaging and rewarding chats that make this day so important. We’re totally here for International Women’s Day. Hurrah!

Easter Egg Collection

This has been an AAF tradition for a good few years now and we love to do it every Easter because it’s simple, easy, and an awesome way we know we can put a smile on some young people’s faces. You don’t need to always be donating money to do good, sometimes making a small amount of effort for only a little amount of money is worth a lot more than throwing money at a situation and paying less attention. And Easter Eggs are a flippin’ wonderful gift, too. Nom.

Learning Sessions

Sometimes offering time, as said above, is more valuable than money. Sometimes, it’s not money that’s needed. Sometimes, it’s just experience. Only recently we’ve done a session with a local secondary school that involved 6 of our Foodies explaining their route to they job at All About Food, a little about their role and any experience and qualifications that they’ve completed to get here. Recognising the role that we have in shaping young people’s futures can inspire these youngsters to follow a similar – or different – path to some of our Foodies. It’s just as good knowing what you don’t want to do as it is that you do want to do.