Well where has the time gone?! Just a second ago we were saying hello to 2019, and now we’re on our way to July and we’ve not spent a minute to gather our thoughts and reflect on what a wonderful half-year we’ve had so far!

From a list of dozens of awesome highlights this year (financial and otherwise) we’ve picked out a bunch of interesting things that have taken our fancy from the last 6 months.

If you, like us, love nothing more than to get right on a nostalgia trip then join us for our highlights of 2019 so far!

Italia ‘19

A brilliant end to a great 6 months was our trip to Italy. Celebrating 20 years of AAF, we got the chance to bask in the Tuscan sunshine for a few days, bond with the wider team (maybe over a couple of beers) and work in a more relaxed environment. Highlights included karaoke singing, leadership team meetings in a literal, actual castle, and sunset meals on the beach. Wonderful.


Super Supporters

Helping charities and campaigns that are close to our local and national interests is something we take great pride in, and this year has been like any other. We’ve raised money for great causes like Comic Relief, we’ve supporting national campaigns and supported local schools and centres with educational talks. We’ve done a vast array of things that we hope gives a little help to people who may need it.


Foodie of the Year!

If you remember correctly, last year we had our first ever Foodie of the Year award which went to Category Queen Sam. This year we gave out our Foodie of the Year award and absolutely nobody could argue with the result. This year, Jane won the award and everyone was so happy and in agreement with the result. When she received the award she didn’t do a speech though, which may affect her chances of retaining the award next year for sure.


New Foodies and New Products

Maybe one of the best parts of our year is our continually evolving and growing team of Foodies. We’ve nearly reached a team of 50 Foodies and there’s no sign of things slowing down on changing direction because of the new products and brands we’re continuously working with. Costa and Las Iguanas were out latest brands on board last year, and our team are pushing hard to make these wonderfully successful, something we’re absolutely sure they will be.