A few months ago you might have read a blog about the 20th anniversary of All About Food. in 1999, this company started and we’ve been brightening up meal time ever since. But the hard work doesn’t come from nowhere, and it’s our Foodies who are the driving force behind everything that we’ve done in the past two decades. Although we work people hard, we also like to have fun whilst making money. Which is why, last week, we went away for a few days in the sun in Italy, to celebrate 20 years of All About Food. A break from work, with work when needed. Here were a few highlights of the trip!


Karaoke in the Countryside.

When we’ve had a couple of scoops, we like to pick up the mic and drop our best rendition of our favourite karaoke tunes. And it turns out, in the summer heat of an Italy nighttime, we really blast out the bangers. We’re talking S Club 7 – Reach (Neil G with the dancemoves to boot), No Scrubs by TLC (Nancy and Cheryl bringing their A game) and an honourable mention to Tubthumping – I Get Knocked Down (literally everybody on the dancefloor gave this beans). The number 1 performance, though, has to go to Paddy Gaul with his reveared and soon-to-be-legendary rendition of Hero by Enrique Inglasius. To give this performance the context it deserves, there was approx. 6 people at Paddy’s feet, bowing before him at the end of the song. It was that excellent.

I’m on a Boat

Everybody loves a boat trip (unless you get seasick then… you probably don’t) and one of our activities for the week was the opportunity to head out on a motorboat on the local lake. This gave us the opportunity to drive the boat ourselves, witness the local scenery and some local island life, and most importantly, feel like we’re all rich enough to own a boat.

As we drove around the lake in groups of 3, having a beer and doing backflips off the side of the boat (or in Tom’s case, failed backflips), some of us took to boat life more than others. And some of us got stranded in the middle of the lake as the boat broke down, and had to be rescued and toed back to shore by a couple of the locals. Certainly an interesting memory.

Work and Play Everyday

One of the coolest things to see on the trip was everybody spending some time in the day working and keeping the business ticking over. The sun was shining, the pool was glistening, but evetyone made sure they did what they needed to do each day when emails came through from suppliers, customers or more. Sure, Foodies would probably rather have been swimming, drinking or sunbathing, but we know when to work hard, and when to play hard. And that should make us all really proud! And besides, working in the Tuscan countryside is hardly the worst place to be working.

Magic Time

THERE WAS A FREAKING MAGICIAN! On the first evening, after we’d had a tour of the grounds, we turned up to dinner and there was a magician doing amazing tricks and a stunning show and he stunned us all into confusion. At one point he bent a fork in my own hand as I was holding it. How did that happen? I was holding the fork! Ahem, anyway. This magician might actually have been a proper, Harry Potter-style wizard. That’s the only conclusion we can come to.

Will, Lucy, Jane and Lindsay Smash It

These wonderful trips don’t come from nowhere, and mad props need to go to our organisation team of Will, Lucy, Jane and Lindsay. What an amazing job and wonderful effort went into providing us with an excellent place to stay, bond, work and play. They really knocked it out of the park. Well done guys!