So unbeknown to us until this very literal day, the month of May is share-a-story month, a month that allows raconteurs like ourselves (myself) to tell tales of mystery, woe and hilarity. And this got us thinking about all the madness and brilliance that has happened in and around the four walls of our office, the Tree House. Once we had brought ourselves around from laughing, we wanted to share a few of these stories with yourselves. I hope you enjoy them the first time as much as we did the last time.


Lindsay and the Sausage Sandwich

Maybe you think this one is self-explanatory? Maybe you think it’s just about Lindsay and how she once enjoyed a sausage sandwich. If you think that, then you are sorely mistaken.

A couple of years ago, the powers that be took the Foodies on a lovely ski trip to thank them for all of the hard work they had completed over the year preceding. The weeks leading up to the trip were buzzed with excitement – Foodies discussing their level of skiing skills, what they wanted to drink during apres ski and much more. The obvious rules were told; remember you’re representing the company, be careful whilst you’re skiing, and have fun. Not once were we told to make sure we didn’t miss out flight because we were queuing for a sausage sandwich at Greggs. Not once. That much, it was deemed, was obvious. That was easy to follow. But clearly you haven’t met Lindsay.

Lindsay, part of our wonderful HR team, let her belly get the better of her, and as 25 other Foodies were taxing on the runway, she got a call from Tessa asking her where she was. Suffice to say, Lindsay was not on the flight. Lindsay had to get a later flight. All because of the sausage butty.

Word from the scene though was that said butty was at least tasty. That’s something, then.


All Aboard the AAF Van

A few years ago, when we had our London sales bod Bojan, we bought him a van to truck around all of our wonderful Nando’s product across the streets and stores of London. One day, around the time we bought the van, someone (I don’t remember who but it could have been Chris) decided that we should all piley-on in to the vehicle to see how many Foodies could fit inside the new Nando’s wagon. Y’know, just in case we ever needed to know… purely for, erm, research purposes. Anyway, we all launched ourselves into the van, and we got to around 20 Foodies before we were bursting through the doors and out of the windows and the seams of the vehicle. So, if you need to know how many people can fit in a transit van: 20.


Turning Tony’s Desk Upside Down

OK so sometimes we just do dumb stuff in the office because every now and again working our socks off becomes too much. Usually a Friday. Usually around 4pm. But anyway, this particular day Tony was in a meeting and we were all feeling a little bit silly so we turned everything on his desk – mouse, files, monitor to his computer, family photos, everything – upside down just as a prank. I think we even turned his chair upside down at one point.

Suffice to say that we all had a laugh, and upon his return he made a few comments and reorganised his desk, until he realised someone had also turned the display on his monitor upside down. It took him an hour to figure out how to fix it. And by that time we were all on our way home. Moral of the story? Take less meetings!