By now you know all about our products. They’re plentiful, tasty and ALL OVER THE PLACE. A Wahaca taco here, a Pizza Express sauce there, Nando’s hummus here, Las Iguanas meal there. You just can’t escape them! And why would you want to.

In case you haven’t tried some of our products, we decided to tell you what the people think via their social media accounts! Because the best praise is the praise that comes from the people. Power to the people! etc etc.

Nando’s hummus:

Well this is honestly just damn inventive. Nando’s hummus AT THE CINEMA. I mean, they’re winning no prizes for their chip choice, but hummus and drizzle in the pictures is maybe the best thing anyone has ever done. Well played to these people.

Red’s True BBQ Sauce:

Well hello there, sir!* Thanks for reppin’ our product! We’re right, we think they should try our sauce too. If this guy keeps on suggesting our sauce to people of the Twittersphere, it will certainly accelerate our plan to take over the culinary world.

*This man is not on our payroll.

Nando’s Mild:

Nandos’ – you have been told. Get our sauce in your restaurant right this second. Otherwise this person is going to go FREAKING CRAZY. The public have spoken!

Las Iguanas Meals:

I’m not sure what we do with our customer feedback, and how we use it. It’s not my place. But what I do know is that we should literally have these words on the front of our pack. And not just the chicken product: all of them. Even products of our other brands. This is the highest praise anything in the world has ever been given. That is if ‘bangs’ is a good thing. We think it is. If it isn’t, then we’ll be damned.

Wahaca Tacos:

Is this person a literal chef? This meal looks wonderful and we would 100% pay for it. So many veggies and salad bits covered in our sauce and with a lovely taco hug?! Gosh, we’re in awe. Good for you Adiehush. Good for you.

Nando’s XX Hot

THIS PERSON HAS MADE A TACO WITH NANDO’S SAUCE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. GET THIS MAN A WAHACA SAUCE STAT. Just kidding! It’s a free world, we’re not bitter about it. I mean… this does look bloomin’ good. Chock full of flavour and food and… gosh, we’re converted. Give us some of that wonderful taco lovin’.