It’s national vegetarian week! The week of the vegetarian. Rejoice those veggies! Enjoy those vitamins! Etc! And because it’s a week we’re really close to (Team Cranks! Team Cranks!) we decided we’d do a little bit of #content about it. So are you ready for a medley of recipes, fun facts and more? Of course you are!

Tasty recipes for top Foodies.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chocolate Chilli

Do you like veggies? Do you like chilli? Do you even like a little bit of chocolate in your veggies chilli? Well you’ve come to the right place. This recipe is a group favourite, and even though there’s a fair few steps to it (including soaking cashews for two hours!) it’s a bloomin’ delicious and easy dish to make. If you’ve got a spare hour and are looking for a heart, warming chilli, this veggie delight is for you!

Check it out, here!

Spring Veg Pesto Tart

This delightful veggie tart is perfect hot or cold or warm or chilled or ANYTHING. Be sure to get your 5-a-day (nearly) in this awesome kind-of pie type dinner. Another quick and easy recipe to make, you and 3 pals can have a truly delightful bit of pastry whilst still staying true to your veggie roots!

Click here for pastry time!

Roasted Vegetable Hot Pot

This is surely the head of the class – the big boss of the veggie meal world – roasted vegetable hotpot. If there was a gold standard in vegetarian dining – a total classic – this would totally be it. Feel free to follow the recipe below to the book, or maybe just follow it as a template and lash any veggie you fancy into it and hope for the best. One of the easiest recipes in the Cranks back catalogue, you’ll be sure to absolutely love this!

Click here for Hot Pot happiness!

Meat-Free Madness!

Did you know?

Between 2013-2018, sales of meat-free products rose 22%!!

Did you know?

The first vegetarian society was formed in 1847 in England, with the aim of dispelling the myth that it is not possible to eat a healthy diet without meat.

Did you know?

A fruitarian is a vegetarian who only consumes fruits, seeds, and nuts without killing the plant.