We are so obsessed with Food. Like properly obsessed. If you aren’t familiar with our blog, then you won’t know what it’s a common occurrence that we discuss food, debate food, argue about food, eat food, and – obviously – cook/make food. But where do we go for inspiration? What do we do when we’re a little flat and uninspired, food-wise? We consume food in a different way! We read, we watch and we listen. Here are some of our favourite inspiration:

Munchies by Vice – Web

Lifestyle magazine Vice is one of the biggest media companies in the world, and their food website, Munchies, is a breath of fresh air. It isn’t just recipes, there’s videos, stories and exploration of cultures and how difference places and people eat food. And especially for us, who makes sauces, foods and treats from places all around the world, this website is right up our street. Get on it now for some serious food-based entertainment.

Chef’s Table – Netflix

The most interesting happenings in restaurant food usually comes from the people experimenting, and this show charts the ride of one particular pioneering chef per episode. From sweets, to ramen, to bread and bagels – we see some wonderful cooks perfecting, reinventing and trying excellent food during each episode. Watching their story unfold is amazing viewing.

Off Menu with James Acaster – Podcast

Comedian James Acaster is one of our absolute favourites, so when he starting making a food podcast with celebrity special guests, our heads were turned. On the podcast, Acaster asks his guest to name and talk about their favourite starter, main, pud, and drink from their imaginary perfect restaurant. So for us it would be every starter, every main and every pud ever created in the world. Because we’re greedy.