Sequels, they’re rarely as good as the original. Sure, most think the Godfather pt2 is better than the original, and maybe Terminator 2 is better than the first, but other than that, we’re struggling to think of anything much else (Toy Story 2, notwithstanding maybe…). UNTIL NOW!

Back last July (so long ago!) we brought you the first ever edition of How Well Do You Know Your Teammate? Which brought Katie and Dan together to try and get full answers on what they know about each other. This time around it’s Hannah and Naomi of the Technical team to pit their wits against each other to see how well they know themselves.

What is Naomi’s favourite place to eat out of our brands? Wahaca, Pizza Express or Red’s

Well done to you both! Wahaca was the right answer. Wahaca is always the answer, regardless of the question.

What is Hannah’s best story?

The right answer is indeed ‘the one about Christmas’ – a truly wonderful (also see: dreadful) story about a Royal Mail van, Santa and delivering parcels. That’s all you need to know.

What is Naomi’s favourite food?

You can’t see it too well, but both of these answers say cake! So well done, cake is always a winner.

Which of the AAF values does Hannah have in a picture frame on her desk?

Although these answers are different, it was HANNAH who actually got this wrong!! The right answer was PASSION. Hannah?!

What month did Naomi join the business? Bonus point for correct date.

The confidence Hannah was showing before the reveal didn’t end up going too well, as she was a month off the right answer. Damn!

What is Hannah’s favourite film? Forrest Gump, Blended or Apollo 13?

They both got the question right! And if you haven’t seen Blended, don’t. It is dreadful.

Where was the last place Naomi went on holiday?

Yay! Right answers all round.

What is the name of Hannah’s dog?

No Naomi, it isn’t ‘Bob the dog’. It is Susie. Tut tut.

What did Naomi study at University?

This is the most impressive answer we think, even if Hannah was in the interview process for Naomi. Well done!

What is Hannah’s favourite colour?

Even though leopard print isn’t one colour, it was the answer. Madness.

So there we are! We’ve got a decent 7/10 result there. Well done Hannah and Naomi! We’ll have another couple of volunteers in the next few months, so stick around for that!