Friday March 8th – International Women’s Day 2019. A celebration of women the world over, a celebration of equality – equality gained and to be won – by people of all genders. We encourage you to celebrate women every which way you can! Which is exactly what we do on IWD! Hurrah to women! But more about our celebrations a little later.

Cool things that celebrate women

Did you know, it was a woman who invented the windscreen wiper! Mary Anderson invented this so that passengers in the car didn’t get cold as they driver continuously had to keep brushing snow from their windscreen. So in 1903, she gave the world its first wiper!

Also, a woman literally invented Monopoly! Initially called The Landlord Game, In 1904, Elizabeth Magie invented the rules to what we now know as Monopoly. The game was published as Monopoly in 1935 and lead to thousands of afternoons and evenings of family arguments and good times. Good times!

The circular saw is another female-invented everyday item, one that many men couldn’t do without! In 1813 Tabitha Babbitt made the prototype for the spinning wheel that eventually became mass-marketed as the circular saw!

The first ever solar-powered home was invented in 1947 by a Hungarian scientist called Maria Telkes. Telkes was the first person to fully energise a home in Mississippi state in USA. Although the system only lasted 3 years (a pretty long time for such an early invention), her work can still be seen today across the world.

Our own celebrations

We had a wonderful few hours celebrating women and equality by doing a fun quiz, eating a tasty lunch (which also included some interesting and fantastic discussions) and then watched three videos which you can find in the links below. We find it really important as a business that each person is treated equally regardless of their gender (race or sexual orientation too!) and it was awesome to see everyone in the office get into the spirit of the day, joining in discussions, observing and educating themselves and respecting the day. And not just because there was food involved!

Below is one of the wonderful videos we watched. Enjoy!