This is exactly what it says on the tin! We often don’t find time to talk about our products, new things we’ve worked on throughout the year and beyond. We get so caught up with the future and other things we do that our bread and butter (or pERI-pERI) often gets left behind! What an utter scandal. So why not talk a bit more about our products? Why not indeed!

pERI-pERI and the Nando’s bunch

Well, every story has its beginning and ours started with Nando’s. What started off as a bottle of sauce in 1999 has turned into a damn British revolution with sauces, condiments, hummus, and rubs. With more on the horizon, you might as well get on the bandwagon now before your shopping basket becomes too heavy with the products we plan on releasing. Our Nando’s goodies are available from all major supermarkets. And other non-major, but equally as funky stores too.

PizzaExpress dressings

Love pizza? Yeah, us too. But we also love delighting your salad with our wonderful array of dressings. Like honey, Honey? Then you’ll love our honey and mustard dressing. Like something a little lighter in your house? Get our house light (or house) dressing. Or why not hail caesar with our caesar dressing? As good with salad as it is anything else you might eat, you might as well just get this in your cupboard for good measure. Sounds about right.

Ready meal appeal

Do you like meals? Do you hate prep? Yeah, so do we sometimes, that’s why (amongst other reasons) we developed, along with our pals at Las Iguanas, 8 utterly delicious ready meals inspired by Southern American recipes and are available in Sainsbury’s. Fancy a curry? Course you do! How about a chilli? Get that down yer neck! What about a big fat burrito? ‘Ave that!

Costa gives us a buzz

Love coffee? Then chances are you love Costa because Costa is GREAT and they know their coffee. Which is why we were so keen to team up with them to deliver you the best damn coffee you can get in your home. We’ve got filter, we’ve got beans, we’ve got machine pods, we’ve got the flippin’ lot. So however you get your coffee buzz, you’ll find Costa ready to help. Pick our products up wherever you do your shopping. As long as you’re doing that shopping TODAY. So go! Taste our newest product range yet!

Taco look at this!

If you don’t want to just sit and eat tacos every day of your life, then who even are you? Unless your answer is ‘a huge Las Iguanas ready meal fan!’, then you have no come back. And on that note, our Wahaca taco kits are literally heaven sent. Sent by the God of food and deliciousness (AKA Wahaca) these flavourful Mexican food kits give you all you need – minus the protean – to make incredible tacos in 20 minutes. If you’re not convinced now, then we can’t do anything for you. Sorry x